References - Trade

  • Exotec warehouse system with warehouse robots: 50,000 containers
  • Order consolidation buffer: Level-bound shuttle system
  • Conveyor connection of 30 packing workstations

Kuehne + Nagel - Coming soon

The Customer
With over 80,000 employees at almost 1,300 locations in more than 100 countries, the Kuehne+Nagel Group is one of the world's leading logistics companies. Its strong market position lies in the areas of sea freight, air freight, overland transport and contract logistics, with a clear focus on integrated logistics solutions.

The Requirements
A logistics centre with automated warehouse technology was to be built at the Mülheim-Kärlich site near Koblenz. The system had to be extremely scalable in terms of capacity and performance and ideally reflect the high demands on performance and system availability. Maximum system redundancy due to cut-off times for over-night delivery was particularly important.

The Solution

The centrepiece is an Exotec system with 50,000 bin locations and storage robots for the storage of small parts. The system can be expanded easily and almost without interruption by adding additional Skypod robots, further picking stations or racking blocks. The Exotec warehouse is connected to a double-deep, single-aisle shuttle system with 2 lifters via a high-performance conveyor system. This serves as an order consolidation buffer for orders consisting of several bins from separate picking areas. Each of the 18 levels has its own shuttle, eliminating shuttle roaming and maximising performance. At the same time, the shuttle system serves as empty container storage to compensate for fluctuations in capacity utilisation between order picking and packing. The packing department, which is connected to the conveyor system and has 30 workstations, divides the flow of goods into large orders and parcel orders. A shipping sorter is used to distribute the packed parcels to the various transport service providers, and it discharges the parcels to the correct truck gate. As a link between the warehouse management system and the control technology of the facilities, a material flow control system is installed that can be flexibly and individually adapted to logistical processes.

Data and Facts

Exotec warehouse system:

  • 51,000 trays
  • 79 Skypods

Automated carton handling:

  • Erector
  • Volume reducer
  • Sealer

Robotic system

  • Depalletizing
  • Automated carton opening

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The Customer
BESTSELLER, with 20,000 employees worldwide is an international fashion company with brands such as JACK & JONES, ONLY and VERO MODA, and thus one of the largest European fashion companies. Today products are available in 70 countries across the world. The wholesale business sells the products to more than 17,000 multi-brand and department stores globally.

The Requirements
Due to increasing demand and to ensure delivery standards, an existing logistics center was automated at the Taulov logistics site in Denmark. With a modern storage system and a fully automated carton and pallet handling, an example was set in terms of speed, availability and flexibility.

The Solution
An Exotec system designed for around 51,000 trays was installed as an automatic carton warehouse. To ensure high system performance, 79 Skypod robots are used, which are responsible for storage and transport of the trays to the order picker. The Exotec system can be flexibly adapted to changing products, variants, order situations and order structures and is used for storage, order picking and at the same time as an order consolidation buffer. It connects carton, container and pallet conveyor technology with goods receipt and shipping. A high degree of automation in carton handling with automatic erector, volume reducer and sealer as well as labelling and palletizer reduces throughput time. Goods receipt is also automated and equipped with a robotic system for depalletizing and automated carton opening. KlinkWARE is used as the material flow control. As an all-included service package, Klinkhammer takes on full service for the entire system with its own on-site staff. The service also covers maintenance and spare parts handling.

Reference Sheet (Pdf)

Data and Facts

  • Shelving system for 60,000 containers
  • 18 picking stations
  • 14 goods receipt stations
  • 20 packing stations
  • Automated order consolidation buffer with 1,084 containers
  • 1,863 m conveyor technology
  • Pallet warehouse: 25,000 storage locations
  • KlinkWARE® Warehouse management software

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dataform - Automated fulfilment center

Automation: From order picking stations via order consolidation buffer to dispatch

dataform dialogservices GmbH with company headquarters in Buchschwabach has been a full-service provider in dialogue marketing and fulfilment for more than 40 years. The company produces around 120 million mailings per year and sends around 1.2 million e-commerce packages in fulfilment.  

The Requirement

With the goal of doubling sales by 2025, dataform invested around 60 million Euros at the location in Buchschwabach to come up with flexible, expandable logistics solutions in order to meet the demands of dynamic markets and rapid growth rates in e-commerce. The first step was to develop a forward-looking, flexible and expandable logistics concept in order to achieve automation according to the “goods-to-person principle”.  

The Solution

A three-storey shelving system ensures flexible storage of containers and cartons. It holds 60,000 containers in the size 600 x 400 mm with different height classes. Conveyors connect 18 picking stations to 14 goods receipt stations, to the automated order consolidation buffer with 1,084 container storage locations, to 20 packing stations and to dispatch. The package conveyor line leads from the ergonomically arranged packing stations to the dispatch gate and automates loading up to the truck. In addition, a forklift-operated pallet warehouse for approx. 25,000 storage locations enables fast handling of palletizable goods. The warehouse management software and material flow control KlinkWARE® guarantees short lead times and lean processes due to the storage, retrieval, transport and order strategies precisely tailored to dataform.

Data and Facts


  • 2-aisle high-bay pallet warehouse (18m high)
  • 1-aisle automated bin warehouse


  • High-bay warehouse extended by 2-aisles, for 9,000 storage locations
  • Multi-order picking stations for pallets
  • KlinKWARE® warehouse management software
  • Stacker control system

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Messingschlager - Europe‘s largest warehouse for bicycle parts

Retrofit and extension during operation

Messingschlager GmbH & Co. KG in Baunach near Bamberg operates Europe‘s largest warehouse for bicycle parts with 20,000 storage locations and delivers to more than 60 countries worldwide. 15 tons of goods are shipped by Messingschlager every day.

The Requirements

  • Retrofit of the existing system during operation to increase lifespan and system performance
  • Faster and more efficient, automated processes for an increasingly fragmented order management

The Solution

  • Retrofit-phased approach: Modernization of the automated, 18m high, 2-aisle high-bay warehouse, of the 1-aisle small-parts warehouse and the conveyor technology during operation
  • Extension of the high-bay warehouse by a new construction with 2-aisle, automated pallet warehouse for a total of 9,000 storage locations
  • Conveyor connection of modern, multi-order picking stations equipped with displays: 4 retrieval and 8 pallet target locations for a high picking accuracy and short distances
  • Replacement of the existing warehouse management software by KlinkWARE®
  • Stacker control system for manual pallet storage, external, crossdocking and block storage
  • Intuitive, mobile tablet dialogues for fast cart picking from lateral flow channels of the automated bin storage

Data and Facts

  • Silo-type warehouse with 17,772 pallet storage locations
  • 6 automatic pallet storage and retrieval cranes (30 double-cycles per AS/RS)
  • Pallet conveyors
  • Manual storage-system with 35,000 cardboard box storage locations
  • 2,300 m tote conveyors with 32 order picking stations


The Customer
By creating a logistics center in Schlüsselfeld, the PUMA AG - one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sports equipment with headquarters in Herzogenaurach – merged their decentralized warehouses in one logistics center in Schlüsselfeld.

The Requirements
The aim was to store more than 35,000 articles of the PUMA product range in such a way to ensure error-free picking and shipping of products packed in cardboard boxes in very short time. Acting as general contractor, the Klinkhammer Group was in charge of the conceptual planning, complete supply of conveyors, control system and warehouse management software and turnkey delivery and handover of the project. The scope of services included also the complete building and construction work. For this project, decision was made in favor of a combination of automated high-bay warehouse and manually operated shelf storage system.

The Solution
Products are picked following the pick-pack principle using a simplified pick-to-light system. The automated pallet high-bay warehouse incorporates six aisles with around 18,000 storage locations. Stacker cranes for storage and retrieval and crossways transfer cars manage to handle 165 double operations per hour. Replenishment control to the shelf storage system (35,000 locations for cardboard boxes) on individual carton basis is also done in the pre-zone of the pallet high-bay warehouse. The customer cardboard boxes started at the i-point may be directed to up to 32 order picking stations. Once picking of the customer cardboard box has been completed, the latter first undergoes a random check and is then sealed and strapped automatically before it is transported to the shipping zone.

The Advantages for the Customer
In the logistics center, every 9 seconds (average calculated) a parcel leaves the plant; in total, around 35,000 different articles are logistically managed. Thanks to the operator guidance the error rate could be reduced down to the parts-per-thousand range at a daily volume of 40,000 parts being picked. Capacity limits, however, have not been reached yet – depending on the needs, expansion is possible in the high-bay warehouse, but also in the order picking area or of the conveyors.

Data and Facts

  • Control system KlinCONTROL® and visualization KlinkVISION®
  • WMS KlinkWARE®
  • Shuttle warehouse, 11,000 container storage locations
  • Autostore storage system, 110 vehicles, 220,000 container storage locations in the final expansion stage
  • Forklift-served pallet storage system: 30,000 pallets
  • 2,150 conveyor drives
  • Shipment of 22,000 packages per day at 70 packing stations

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The customer
With around 4,700 employees, TTI Inc. is one of the leading global distributors of passive, discrete and electromechanical components as well as performance, sensor and connector components. The European headquarters is located in Maisach near Munich. From there, TTI Inc. delivers about 250,000 different passive components, connectors and electromechanical components to about 11,000 European customers. Around 100,000 articles of the product range are permanently available in stock.

The challenge
Due to the strong growth, the logistics site in Maisach was automated, reorganized and extended by a new, additional building featuring 15,000 m2. Different storage systems of the new distribution center should be equipped with a uniform control system and the overall Klinkhammer warehouse management system including material flow calculator. The aim was to increase the performance of the overall system and to make the material flows even more efficient.

The solution
The integration process includes, shelf storage system, lift, autostore, shuttle and pallet storage systems as well as conveyors and 70 packing stations. The modular structure of the WMS-software KlinkWARE® including material flow calculator, the uniform control system KlinCONTROL® as well as the intelligent visualization system KlinkVISION® guarantee highest availability and transparency of the entire system. Additionally, The cardboard boxes delivered on pallets are repacked into containers and stored in one of the biggest autostore storage systems. In the second expansion stage, it is equipped with 110 vehicles, around 220,000 container storage locations and around 50 put-to-light order picking stations. The containers arriving from the autostore order picking area will be notified to the Klinkhammer material flow calculator via interface and then stored for order consolidation in the 2-aisles shuttle storage system with level-bound shuttles and around 11,000 container storage locations. A 28-aisle, manual storage system with around 30,000 pallet storage locations as well as a lift storage system are connected to the warehouse management software.

The advantages for the customer

  • Holistic control concept for storage systems of different manufacturers increases efficiency of the whole system
  • Comprehensive Klinkhammer warehouse management system with material flow calculator                  Reference Sheet (PDF)


Data and facts

  • Two-aisle, level-bound automatic shuttle warehouse with 38 shuttles, for 30,000 containers
  • 1,500 storage and retrieval operations per hour
  • 6 order picking stations
  • 16 packing stations across 16 shipping lanes
  • Klinkhammer system control and visualization
  • KlinkWARE warehouse management software with interface to the ERP system


The customer
With 1300 employees, X-KOM is one of the best-known multichannel dealers for consumer electronics, IT and computers in Poland. Since 2002, the company has been on a permanent growth path with more than 26 stationary shops and an online shop.

The requirements
In response to the dynamically increasing requirements of e-commerce, X-KOM decided to realign its distribution warehouse. A shuttle warehouse with 38 shuttles and 8 lifters ensure an extremely high performance, carrying out about 1,500 storage and retrieval operations per hour. Klinkhammer delivers the intelligence for the multichannel warehouse, and is in charge of the uniform control technology, warehouse management software and material flow control.

The solution
A high-performance, two-aisle container warehouse with level-bound shuttles and about 30,000 storage spaces has been implemented. The warehouse management software KlinkWARE handles the complex system and material flow control of the eight lifters which are directly integrated into the shuttle warehouse. Four of the six order picking stations connected by conveyors are equipped with multi-order-picking systems. The goods are directly packed into cardboard boxes for online commerce while the stores receive goods packed in containers. The employees in the shipping area are supported by an automatic system which erects and fills the cardboard boxes. At 16 packing stations, 1,500 boxes per hour are distributed across 16 shipping lanes and readied for shipping. With its control technology and software solutions, Klinkhammer operates as “brain of the system” and has extensive experience with complex warehouse and order picking systems.

Advantages for the customer
A special feature are the lifters, integrated into the shuttle warehouse. 19 shuttles and 4 lifters per aisle ensure an extremely high performance in the warehouse, carrying out about 1,500 storage and retrieval operations per hour. Different storage systems are equipped with a uniform control system and the overall Klinkhammer warehouse management system including material flow control.

Data and Facts

  • 2 km of container conveyors
  • Sorter with 42 picking and packing stations
  • 1000 put-to-light modules
  • 4 lifters
  • 40 t steel construction

Drugstore chain Gratis, Turkey - e-commerce + 600 stores

The leading Turkish drugstore chain Gratis with more than 600 stores in 79 cities in Turkey made its logistics fit for e-commerce, together with Klinkhammer. The manually operated distribution center was extended by new rack systems and an innovative conveyor and sorter system with 42 picking and packing stations.

The requirements

All storage and work areas on different building floors should be connected by a high performance conveyor system. Hereby, the main aim was to achieve more flexibility in order handling. Retail work stations should be able to be quickly converted intopiece picking e-commerce stations. Ongoing operations were not allowed to be impaired by the expansions.

The solution

The core of the system is a sorter system with 42 order picking and packing stations.

  • 2 km of container conveyors connect all storage areas
  • Sorter with 42 picking and packing stations
  • 1000 put-to-light modules for rack and pallet picking
  • 4 lifters with a lift height of 7 m, 10 m and 15 m connect the floors
  • 40 t steel construction
  • Klinkhammer material flow control and visualization system KlinkVISION®

Reference Sheet (PDF)

Data and Facts

  • High-bay warehouse with 4,000 storage locations
  • Double-deep storage of pallets weighing up to 1.5 tons
  • Two destacker units

A.C.V.K., Wholesale - House and Construction

The Customer
A.C.V.K, headquartered in Kortrijk, Belgium, is actively doing business in the wholesale of materials for house and construction.

The Requirements
Given the production tolerances as to the coloring of tiles, a batch management was implemented which defines the nuances of the surface finish and quality and thus allows a consistent supply quality with regard to nuances of coloring. For the storage and handling of the A.C.V.K. products a high-bay warehouse with 4,000 storage locations was built and an existing manual warehouse integrated. One special feature of this solution is the double-deep storage of pallets weighing up to 1.5 tons.

The Solution
The receipt of goods is handled at a workstation that is equipped with two destacker units for carrier pallets of different formats. At this point, a decision is made whether the goods enter the automatic or manual storage area. Order picking in the high-bay warehouse is done at three picking stations consisting of three conveyors each for partial retrievals and two additional lanes for the retrieval of full pallets according to the goods-to-man principle. A carriage transports the goods to and away from the workstations depending on the order picking sequence. This is vital as the products to be handled are heavy and fragile. Already during the order picking process the products are pre-sorted on shipping pallets for the end customer  

The manual warehouse is operated via radio data transmission using forklift truck terminals. Order picking takes place according to the man-to-goods principle. The order initialization for combined orders from the high-bay warehouse and the manual warehouse section occurs in the automated warehouse section to flexibly complete the pre-configured order pallets in the manual warehouse area.  The workplace and web applications are multilingual. The customer may adapt translations himself.

Data and Facts

  • Container/bin storage , on 3 levels, 12.960 storage locations,
  • Block storage for pallets, 112 storage locations with forklift
  • DC21 Warehouse Management System
  • Pick-by-voice technology

AKF - Automobiles, Motorcycles, Vehicle Parts

The Customer
The article range of AKF focuses on spare parts for motorcycles manufactured by Simson and MZ.

The Requirements
The warehouse is split into a container/bin storage section, a manual high-bay pallet zone and a free warehouse area (block storage) for pallets. Marks on the floor divide the free storage space into several storage locations. This area serves as storage zone for slow moving articles with a low turnover.

The Solution
At first, the DC21 Warehouse Management System determines for an incoming order the storage locations for the goods to be picked.For goods in the shelf storage, an empty container is started via central order initialization at the container conveyor system (i-point). Then the container is routed successively to those zones (station picking) where goods have to be picked. Picking is done using pick-by-voice technology. The user, carrying a voice-MDE at the belt, reads the container barcode out loud and then receives via the headset the storage location coordinates for each product to be retrieved and the quantity to be picked.

Other stock movements (storage, relocation, replenishment, picking from other storage areas, stocktaking) are handled using conventional MDE technology with scanner and touchscreen which are also linked to the warehouse management system via radio data transmission.  To some extent, pallets in the high-bay racking can be accessed from the bin storage system (for retrieval). When picking small quantities of the pallets, this is also handled via pick-by-voice. The order splitting method finds the optimal solution between using up partial pallet quantities and the minimum number of accesses during order picking.

Depending on the settings made in the article master data, the warehouse management system generates replenishment transports from a simple pallet storage location to a pallet storage location accessible from the bin storage system. This way, goods from a simple pallet storage location are relocated to a storage location that is accessible from the bin storage system. Given that a retail shop is connected to the warehouse, there is also the possibility of carrying out an express order promptly and without using the conveyors – by manpower.

Data and Facts

  • Pallet storage system with a gallery level and standard storage system with narrow forklift truck (3,636 storage locations)
  • Modular shelving system: 13,000 shelves
  • Compact warehouse with 157,000 article storage locations
  • Tote conveyor system: 2,100 m
  • Order consolidation buffer: 2 storage/retrieval cranes, 2,700 container storage locations
  • Order picking using pick-by-voice technology: 160 picks/h/order picker
  • Pick-by-light technology: 240 picks/h/order picker
  • Warehouse management software DC21 with interface to the ERP-system

Brütsch Rüegger - Tools, Switzerland

The Customer
Product availability and delivery at high speed – these are the outstanding characteristics of the company Brütsch Rüegger Werkzeuge AG (Switzerland) offering a full range of quality tools in the areas of measuring, production and assembly technology as well as standard parts and occupational safety.

The Requirements
Customers ordering by phone before 17:00 CET or online before 17:30 CET will receive their goods the next morning.  To be able to keep this promise, an availability of 98.9% of all articles offered and the latest intralogistics technology are indispensable.

The Solution
Given the structural restrictions of the already existing building, we planned and realized with our customer a completely new building that consists of 2 halls with a total floor space of 21,160 m2 and incorporates customized automation technology. During the construction, commissioning and system implementation phase, negative effects on the daily business were not allowed to occur. This was especially of importance all the more as the Klinkhammer Warehouse Management System DC 21 was linked to an already existing ERP-system while in operation.

The Advantages for the Customer
An enormous increase in the picking performance as well as an increased delivery capability and quality demonstrate the perfect project planning and system implementation done by the Klinkhammer Group at the company Brütsch Rüegger Werkzeuge AG. Another benefit – increased safety and transparency in the process-controlled sequences and procedures. The continuous overview of all logistics movements allows Brütsch Rüegger to flexibly adapt to the daily business and to deploy employees dynamically and purposefully.

Data and Facts

  • Modular shelving system with conveyor technology on 2 levels with 18,000 shelves

  • Drawer system: 2,340 drawers for 52,543 storage locations for the smallest parts product line

  • Order picking using pick-by-voice technology in the shelf storage system, drawer system and pallet warehouse

  • Automated order consolidation buffer for 1,300 containers

  • Shipping and packing facility with 24 work stations

  • Pallet high bay warehouse optimized and adjusted to the roof pitch using narrow fork-lift truck and forklift terminals

Perschmann / Hoffmann Group - Tools

The Hch. Perschmann GmbH, located in Braunschweig, Germany, is a partner of the Hoffman Group. They are Europe’s leading system partner for quality tools in the B2B sector. The company offers around 90,000 items in its catalogue with a delivery capability of more than 99%.

The Requirement
Due to the large product variety and the strong increase in order volume, the company extends its logistics center by another hall with 4,500 m2. New product lines shall be established on the market in the field of work clothing and occupational safety. With a delivery capability of more than 99% and a delivery accuracy of 99.9% within 24 hours throughout Germany and within 48 hours Europe-wide, the company ensures highest supply reliability.

The Solution
With a new 2-storey shelving system and order picking using pick-by-voice, a new shipping and packing facility with 24 work stations, an automated order consolidation buffer for 1,300 boxes and a voice-controlled manual pallet warehouse, Klinkhammer not only ensures smooth processes, but also increases storage capacity and performance of the entire system. The warehouse storage capacity was increased by 50%. In the future, up to 3,500 parcels per day will leave the shipping and packing areas of the new logistics hall.

The Advantages for the Customer
Given the high article storage density in the drawer system the walking distances for the order pickers at Perschmann have become considerably shorter. The working heights were ergonomically optimized as well. Beyond that, the order picking staff is guided via pick-by-voice technology which increases the picking performance. The error rate has decreased as well. Thus, by building a new logistics warehouse Perschmann has not only gained more space for quality tools and accessories, by implementing the intralogistics concept the company has also topped the promised performance in terms of supply availability and delivery reliability even with increasing product variety.

Reference Sheet (PDF)


Data and facts

  • 4-aisle automatic high-bay silo-warehouse, 9,184 pallets
  • Automatic order consolidation buffer, 800 totes
  • Drawer system for 4,340 drawers, shelf storage system for 14,880 totes
  • Aerosol dispenser warehouse, lift warehouse, special warehouse and cantilever warehouse
  • Pick-by-voice picking process and 4 picking stations
  • 18 work stations in the goods-in, returns processing and packaging section

Spiral - Tool Trading

The customer
Since the company‘s foundation in 1961, Spiral Reihs & Co., an owner-managed family business headquartered in Vienna, has been focusing its activities on high-quality tools and a broad range of services combined with a strong customer orientation. The product portfolio consists of around
300,000 articles of which 40,000 are permanently available from stock.

The requirements
To be able to provide customers with tools even more rapidly and reliably, the company sought advice as to warehouse automation, process optimization, funding and digital networking. Klinkhammer took on the planning activities that included logistics analysis, comparison of variants and profitability assessment and finally the preparation of the ready-to-use overall concept, the tender documents and the realization.

The solution
The new logistics center incorporates an automatic pallet high-bay warehouse as well as conveyor technology for pallets and totes, an automatic order consolidation buffer, a drawer system for small parts, shelf storage system, cantilever warehouse and lift warehouse, several special warehouse sections as well as the goods in and shipping zone. The system performance of the four storage and retrieval cranes in the pallet high-bay warehouse with around 9,184 storage locations totals to around 120 double operations per hour.

Data and Facts

  • Shelf storage system with 30,000 storage locations
  • Manual pallet storage section with around 1,000 locations
  • More than 500m roller conveyors connect 9 picking zones and stations
  • Pick-by-voice supported order picking
  • 400 picks/h; 450 pos/h; 100 packages/h
  • Paperless order picking
  • Warehouse management software DC21, interface to ERP-system

Riegler, Pneumatic Fittings

The customer
Originally founded as a small company in the Swabian town of Metzingen, Riegler has become meanwhile one of the largest and best-known suppliers of pneumatic fittings on the German-speaking market. For more than 40years now Riegler has served its customers as an innovative partner for "Pneumatics, ideas and more". On a warehouse surface of around 6,500 m2 the product range comprises around 10,000 reference catalogue articles (more than 20,000 single parts) supplied to round about 13,000 customers worldwide. With 17 representations in Germany and abroad, proximity to customers is not just a slogan, but a mission of Riegler. "Ordered today, supplied the next morning - even for large quantities", this promise is one of the fundamentals for the success of the company located in Bad Urach.

The challenge
Both the existing storage capacities and the existing logistic solution were no longer able to cope with the continuously increasing challenges of an efficient warehouse logistic. Given the fact that a major part of the orders (about 70%) is received at Riegler between 2 and 4 p.m., but needs to be supplied to the customer the next morning, a quick and reliable functioning of the conveyors is a MUST. With the new building offering considerably more space for the incoming goods and shipment department the warehouse logistics could be placed on a "new footing".

The solution
A highly-dynamic container conveyor system now connects all shelf storage systems on both levels. The warehouse was split into nine order picking zones. Product replenishment into the shelf storage system is accomplished by means of RF-terminals where products are supplied from the newly erected manual pallet warehouse. To be able to handle even smallest parts the system was completed by installing a multi-shuttle compact storage system; two already existing paternoster units were integrated. The customer order is started at the i-point by ordering a container from the empty container storage section. The containers then continue their way on the conveyors to one or several picking zone stations. Here, the picker is given the instructions via pick-by-voice, fills in the goods and confirms the picking process/order after having cross-checked the container's content. The container is then directed to further picking zones or directly to the packing department. Up to this point in time, order picking has been a completely paperless process - delivery note and invoice are printed out at the packing station only. Prior to packing an electronic weight check is performed to be able to correct possible picking errors by comparing the actual weight to the nominal weight. Prerequisite for this order processing strategy: The warehouse management was taken out of the existing warehouse management system and is now controlled by the DC21 warehouse management system of the Klinkhammer Group.  

The advantages for the customer

  • Increase of the picking performance by at least 30%
  • Considerable reduction of the order throughput times
  • Pick-by-voice, cross check and weight check minimize errors
  • Optimization of the storage strategy of A-, B- and C-articles by self-learning software (short ways)
  • Higher flexibility with order peaks (dynamic distribution of staff)                                                                            Reference Sheet (Pdf)

Data and Facts

  • 4.3 km container conveyor technology connect all storage areas
  • 28 order picking stations
  • 8 incoming goods work stations
  • Order consolidation buffer with multi-level shuttle (1,100 container storage areas)
  • 18 lift storage areas with 9 order picking stations and automatic replenishment buffer
  • Packing area with 20 packing stations
  • Material flow control: interface to SAP R2

Winkler Logistik - Supplier for commercial vehicle

The customer
Winkler is one of the leading European suppliers in the commercial vehicles parts sector. The core competences comprise an extensive full range of spare parts, a sophisticated logistics and delivery concept guaranteeing the fast delivery of spare parts as well as competent advice by 600 professional specialist advisers. The subsidiary Winkler Logistik in Ulm ensures the supply of spare parts to the European customers of Winkler by stocking more than 100,000 spare parts for commercial vehicles and by its fast delivery service.

The requirements
In order to offer an even faster service, the existing plant not only had to be extended but entirely redesigned.

The solution
On the second level of the existing warehouse, 9 stations for small parts and pallet order picking were put into operation. Thus, the incoming goods and shipping areas could be separated locally. A special circulating lifter connects the different levels, distributes the containers from the incoming goods area to the intended warehouse levels and the containers with completed orders from order picking to the shipping area. A second i-point was integrated on the first level to split urgent orders and thus process them quickly and reliably. Thereby, the throughput time was reduced by a good 25 %. In the course of several extensions, additional halls were expanded. By connecting the pallet order picking warehouse to the container conveyor technology, an integrated automatic transport system between the existing logistics system and the redesigned incoming goods and shipping areas could be realized. A 3-aisle automatic order consolidation buffer with a high-performance multi-level shuttle system supplies the packing area and 10 goods-out conveyor lines via container conveyor technology. 9 order picking stations are available for small parts in 18 lift storage areas. An automatic replenishment buffer ensures the supply of the lift storage areas.

The advantages for the customer

  • Increase of container throughput from 400 to 2,000containers per hour
  • Separation of material flows (replenishment and order picking)
  • Increase of throughput speed by 50 % thanks to the circulating lifter solution of Klinkhammer (creation ofbypasses)
  • Splitting of orders and faster processing due to a second i-point
  • Direct feed-out of shop ware in close proximity to the pick-up station
  • Shortened processing times

Reference Sheet (Pdf)

Data and Facts

  • 500 m of conveyors
  • Automatic order consolidation buffer
  • Shelf storage (21,000 containers)
  • Pallet storage system (4,000 pallets)
  • 330 long goods in the cantilever warehouse
  • 6 incoming goods stations
  • Warehouse Management Software and material flow computer

Frankana - Camping and Leisure Market

The Customer
Together with the sister company Freiko, Frankana belongs to the leading wholesalers in the camping and leisure equipment business. The product range of Frankana comprises more than 10,000 different articles. It incorporates batteries, gas cartridges and folding spades as well as awnings for caravans, camping toilets, tents and floor coverings.

The Requirements
A great challenge at Frankana is not only the high variety of products regarding shape, material and size and allocation to different storage areas resulting thereof, but also the consolidation of the goods from the different areas.

The Solution
Following the successful realization and commissioning of the 1st expansion stage, Klinkhammer was also contracted for the 2nd expansion stage by Frankana. The expansion provides an optimization of the processes by means of connecting intelligently the storage areas using conveyors. Previously mainly represented by forklift trucks, the six new incoming goods work stations, the modular shelving systems with totes, the automatic order consolidation buffer and the shipping department of the 2nd expansion stage are connected by means of conveyors. This is ensured by creating a conveyor technology connection across 3 floors. The further optimization of the material flow and a higher throughput of goods was the aim of the automation. The Klinkhammer warehouse management software, the material flow computer and the order picking via pick-by-voice are expanded as well. Each conveyor section in the order picking area features buffer positions in incoming and outgoing direction to guarantee working without interruption at the order picking stations.

The Advantages for the customer
Modern conveyor technology is connecting the six new incoming goods work stations, the modular shelving systems with totes, the automatic order consolidation buffer and the shipping and guarantees the high product availability and delivery reliability. PDF Reference Sheet

Data and Facts

  • Silo-type high-bay warehouse (2,276 pallet locations; around 72 x 25 x 16m / L x H x W)
  • 2 stacker cranes
  • 1 crossways transfer car and various conveyors
  • 1 labelling- and scanner station
  • Materials flow- and warehouse management computer

JELD-WEN - Timber Industry

The Customer
Jeld-Wen in Öttingen is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of doors. A series production with maximum degree of automation by production lines requires flexibility, fast response and accuracy in intralogistics.

The Requirements
For the storage of door blanks Klinkhammer realized a new, silo-type high-bay warehouse featuring two aisles. Thanks to combined telescopic forks being used as load handling device, special automated storage and retrieval cranes can move complete stacks of doors.  A telescopic fork being arranged on top (including gripper) allows picking single doors (also in pairs). A positive side effect of the gripper is securing the load when transporting a stack on the load handling device.  Door stacks are always located on so-called protection boards to prevent the products from being damaged. The warehouse pre-zone is used for handling door stacks during storage and retrieval.

The Solution
With each process, the door(s) pass along a fully-automatic scanning and labeling unit which reads the door labels and applies new labels, if required. This way, incoming stacks are received and outgoing stacks are labeled for the next production step. In the warehouse, the automated storage and retrieval cranes can consolidate, restack, sort out or cover door stacks. In DC21, each door is registered and managed with a unique product identification. Product properties (dimensions, weight, date of manufacture, batch) and the exact position in a stack are saved for future access.

The Advantages for the customer
The automated storage and retrieval cranes with special load handling device for the automated picking (INTEGER) of doors create a production-suitable product stack which then run to the machines. The load handling devices with gripper picks up the doors by clamping them. During this phase, the material flow computer transmits the door properties, the quantity picked and the stack height to the automated storage and retrieval crane such that the latter is able to position perfectly and control the speed during picking and placing.The formation of stacks occurs based on the production sequence (predefined by the Manufacturing Execution System), height and weight specifications and taking into account order changes. Thus an order picking sequence is established.  PDF reference sheet

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