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Receipt of Goods, Cross Docking & Stock Formation - KlinkWARE®

Receipt of Goods

Register your goods already at the gate right after unloading. Complaints can be documented promptly. Your sales department is given information about the immediate availability of the goods.

At a work station or RF terminal, the user is provided with information on notifications or orders and collects further information to complete the process.

An automated receipt of goods can be realized using scanners mounted to the conveyors or using RF-terminals. This requires information that come from the labelling of the respective goods in the form of bar codes (e.g. GS1) or RFID tags.

Cross Docking

If needed and desired by the recipients, you can split off, redirect or forward on quantities.

For backorders
In the backorder management orders not covered can be supplied promptly.

For specific orders
If the order already exists, it is delivered; if not, the goods are picked "as if" and put into a consolidation zone.

For replenishment
The order picking zone of an article can be replenished right from the goods receiving area to reduce mileage and handling.

Stock Formation

Based on continuous transparency and the control of stock and orders you create storage units meeting the actual needs.

Entire trading unit, manual
Registering additions is done manually e.g. at a work station or using a RF terminal.

Entire trading unit, automated
By means of appropriate labelling (EAN, GS1) of the trading units this process can be also handled automatically using terminals or conveyors.

Repacking process
From a pallet, you can create several containers, split off, identify and count order or replenishment quantities and register product properties.

Incoming goods inspection
This module allows complementing the previous modules by adding control activities and an in-depth inspection.Depending on the QA-module e.g. taking random samples is triggered.

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