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Material Flow - KlinkWARE®

Material Flow

Optimize the routing concept and paths and benefit from consolidated transports. The software module defines automatically which device is responsible for which route section and which optimization principle is used.

Manual - Goods-to-Man
In manual systems, too, Goods-to-Man procedures can be applied. Hence, narrow forklift trucks should also perform double cycles; however, aisle changes must be reduced.

Manual - Man-to-Goods
Typical Man-to-Goods applications have a great need for optimization. Not only routes are optimized, but also consolidated transports are created that include more than one container/box or order to allow multiple retrievals or to combine storage and picking/retrieval transactions.

PLC communication
The communication module takes the responsibility for the telegram exchange with the system controllers. Status messages, transport orders and their completion notifications are exchanged reliably.

Automated conveyors
The conveyor controller acts and reacts while communicating with the conveyor PLC. This module is in charge of managing the reporting points and integrating scanners and other devices. The routing controls the degree of utilization and the availability. By means of additionally programmed functions this module allows also integrating actions not being related to transport such as the automatic labelling, automatic goods receiving or shipping.

Sorter and loops
The loop control guarantees control over sorting and distribution loops in your plant. A well-controlled filling level of a loop ensures continuous transport without jamming.

Automated crossways transfer car
Transfer cars or crossways transfer cars are used to connect different locations. These cars are able to transport one or several load handling attachments which must be optimized and occupied in a targeted manner.

Automated storage/retrieval crane
Automated storage / retrieval cranes are highly-performing devices. Often, they can pick up several loading/storage aids simultaneously. Blockades and transport sequences are taken into account. By optimizing the routes, the load handling attachments can be filled to a maximum degree, load changes and individual trips are reduced and double cycles are promoted.

A shuttle is a combination of crossways transfer car and automated storage/retrieval crane which is used in the aisle for storing and retrieving load units. In most cases, several shuttles run one above the other in one aisle having, however, separate working zones.

Compact warehouse
Compact warehouses are for example lifts or paternoster systems. Arranged on trays, these systems hold and manage a lot of smaller load units. The KlinkWARE®-control module for compact warehouses ensures optimized access and transport.

Stacker control system
The KlinkWARE®-stacker control system is based on a "milkrun" system connecting different loading and unloading stations which are the result of pending transports. Based on the capacity and capabilities of a stacker or train, this module determines the processing sequences by combining information such as location, priority, waiting time and subsequent transport.

Automated guided vehicle systems (AGV)
AGV connect loading and unloading stations with each other. They travel on paths which are stored in the controller of the AGV. The KlinkWARE®-control module communicates with the control software of the AGV. It administers interim destinations and ensures navigation. Locations and availability are handled and managed in the same way as in the stacker control system.

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