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Multilevel-Shuttle-System KlinCAT® Merges Storage/Retrieval Crane and Shuttle

With a lifting height of around 1.5 m KlinCAT® is able to reach up to 9 tote levels and can be used like a shuttle on several levels above each other. Thus, it can be scaled almost without limit. The load handling attachment of the device has been designed for cardboard boxes, trays or totes with a maximum weight of 50 kg each per loading device.



High-performance multilevel shuttle system in lightweight design

Automated Small-Parts Warehouses operators used to have only two choices: Conventional automated storage and retrieval cranes (AS/RS) with approximately 120 double cycles per hour and common shuttle systems with a capacity of up to 1,000 double cycles per hour. This gap is closed by multilevel-shuttle system KlinCAT®. With a lifting height of around 1.5 meters KlinCAT® is able to reach up to 9 tote levels and can be used like a shuttle on several levels above each other. In a single-aisle, double-deep automated small-parts warehouse with a height of 12 meters and a length of 35 meters, KlinCAT® achieves more than three times the performance of conventional storage/retrieval cranes.

KlinCAT® stands out for its compact design and its low weight and substantially contributes to an enhanced dynamics and a higher throughput. When comparing the drive parameters to automatic storage/retrieval cranes featur­ing a speed of around 5 m/s and to shuttle systems featuring a speed of around 2 m/s, KlinCAT® reaches powerful 4 m/s. Other advantages: Small bottom and top approach dimension to ensure a high storage density, an innovative, energy-efficient drive concept and low maintenance and investment costs.

Control and software

The Klinkhammer Group offers from a single source all software modules being necessary for an efficient, fully automated warehouse and optimizes your flows of material. From the control of the KlinCAT® (PLC) to warehouse management systems, material flow control, visualization, interface connections and service 24/7.

KlinCAT® Multilevel-Shuttle at a Glance

Goods to be conveyed
Totes, cardboard boxes, trays

Drive speed
4 m/s at an acceleration of 2 m/s2

Lifting height
Up to 1.56 m, max. 9 tote levels

2 x 30 kg / 1 x 50 kg

Drive concept
Siemens Sinamics S120, decentralized
servo drives with DRIVE-CLiQ

Energy transmission
3-pin conductor line

Tote sizes
400 x 600 / 600 x 800 mm

Siemens S7, programming: Klinkhammer

Approach dimension
Bottom: 260 mm, top: 330 mm

High-performance multilevel shuttle system in lightweight design


  • Telescopic table with 50% weight reduction: from 150 kg to 80 kg
  • Redesign of belt conveyors, lightweight material
  • Minimizing the weight of all components and the moving mass on the hybrid shuttle, only the motor modules are mounted on the KlinCAT®. The link voltage, required for each KlinCAT® is generated in the control cabinet not in the KlinCAT® cabinet, reducing cabling effort.

Low investment and life-cycle costs

  • Less devices, easily accessible
  • Each shuttle level can be walked on - during maintenance no outage of the entire aisle

Small bottom and top approach dimension

  • Drives not under the telescopic table, but laterally mounted for a high storage density

Optimal energy balance

  • Lightweight design
  • Energy-efficient drive concept

Advantages compared to AS/RS

  • High performance, multiplied throughput
  • Flexible and scalable thanks to modular structure
  • Easy maintenance, each shuttle level can be reached by foot

Advantages compared to shuttle

  • Low investment despite high performance
  • Easy maintenance owing to access to several levels
  • Less devices, thanks to multilevel-shuttle


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