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Replenishment Control & Quality Assurance - KlinkWARE®

Replenishment Control

Provide your storage zones with sufficient stock at any time such that this stock is available for your orders.

Demand-oriented replenishment
In case an order is received and released for which there is not sufficient stock in the requested area, a replenishment order is initiated dynamically. Without demand no replenishment is necessary.

Statistical replenishment
Based on minimum quantities defined or a minimum number of storage units the system detects a material shortage and a replenishment transaction is triggered.

Refill waves
This module complements the demand-oriented replenishment for refilling the order picking zones at regular intervals. The waves reduce ad-hoc measures.

Quality Assurance

Yourself, your production shop and all your customers expect highest quality of products and services. From the simple check or inspection to quarantines all the way through to releases via test certificates.

QA status management
QA-states influence the usability of goods for orders or replenishment processes. Blocked products shall not be sent out to customers, but be returned to suppliers. Order picking is done in both cases.

An inspection order is a visual inspection where the goods are made available at an inspection work station. It is possible to define different types of inspections.

Already during goods receipt random samples can be taken such that no time is lost to perform the incoming goods inspection in the laboratory. In the meantime, the remaining goods can be stored and blocked with the status "under examination".

Return shipment
Goods that cannot be used, whether in the quarantine store or in other zones, can be returned to the supplier by means of a shipping order. Your ERP will receive the corresponding information for commercial processing.

QA status change
Status changes are made based on different, selectable criteria. This allows you to either block an entire batch or to release a complete use-by date. The statuses can be expanded, i.e. there is not only the possibility to save the status "free" or "blocked".

For the purpose of checking, sub-quantities can be with drawn or complete trading units can be made available. The selection of the trading unit can be defined manually or you can let the system do this based on specifications such as e.g. a batch number.

Quarantine store
If it is necessary to separate goods and keep them together a quarantine store is appropriate and useful. Following a check a decision on the further use can be made.

Scrapping / disposal
As is the case with return shipments, also goods not in order can be shipped for disposal. Your "scrap yard", too, can be the target of an order just like the simple stock correction.

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