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Automated Small-Parts Warehouse

A small-parts warehouse is designed for lightweight, small units that are stored in totes, cardboard boxes or on trays. Klinkhammer offers systems tailored to your individual needs and analyses which type of small-parts warehouse suits best to your requirements depending on the load supports, loaded goods, performance requirements and fields of application. The existing storage space is optimally used, thus guaranteeing high profitability. Automated small-parts warehouses are operated by means of storage and retrieval cranes, warehouse robots or shuttles.

What is an automated small-parts warehouse?

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An automated small-parts warehouse is especially designed for light and small products. With the aid of storage and retrieval cranes and shuttles trading units are always readily to hand and quickly at their destination. Intelligently planned and optimally designed, it is possible to build high-performing small-parts warehouses even in halls with a small footprint. Short loading and unloading times, high capacity and a stable construction make a small-parts warehouse an important factor for production reliability.

Load handling attachments

Drawing or gripping technology, Combination telescopic forks

Loading devices

Totes, Bins, Cardboard Boxes, Trays

Wide range of construction types for small-parts warehouses- also multiple-deep

The range of possible design types for small parts warehouses is extensive.From simple racking storage systems to silo-type warehouses - we offer the full range of small-parts warehouses. In doing so, we are completely independent of the trading unit or loading/storage aids. No matter whether it's a bin storage system, tray warehouse or drawer system - our warehouses are always optimized to meet the needs of the product. We find the appropriate solution for any requirement. Compact warehouses for halls with a small footprint or lifting beam warehouses for a fast and automatic access - we are experts in the warehouse business and will be happy to make our full expertise available to you.

We are happy to advise you personally and without obligation

  • Racking storage system
  • Bin storage system
  • Walking beam conveyor
  • Drawer system
  • Silo
  • Deep-freeze store
  • Compact warehouse
  • Tray warehouse

Warehouse vehicles

An automated small-parts warehouse also needs the appropriate warehouse vehicles. Though small-parts warehouses are also suitable for normal fork-lift truck operation, however, AS/RS and shuttle supported warehouse systems are really efficient. They are fully automatic and ensure shortest access times. Thanks to the use of automatic shuttles the racks can be installed close to each other. This saves valuable storage space. To be precise, we offer for our small-parts warehouses automatic storage/retrieval cranes, level-bound shuttle systems, multi-level shuttles, shuttle systems with level change and autonomous shuttle systems.

Warehouse vehicles:  click here to read more

  • Automated storage and retrieval cranes (AS/RS)
  • Multi-level shuttle: KlinCAT®
  • Shuttle systems, single bay level, with level change... more
  • Autonomous robotsExotec
  • Forklift, AGV

Our innovative KlinCAT® multi-level shuttle system, a hybrid of automatic storage/retrieval crane and shuttle system, gives the warehouse a completely new efficiency. KlinCAT® is able to service up to nine tote levels simultaneously. KlinCAT® can easily handle single loads of up to 50 kilograms per each loading/storage aid. This makes KlinCAT® an ideal warehouse solution for the industry 4.0.

Klinkhammer - a general contractor also for the following topics:

  • Fire protection: Sprinkler systems, oxygen reduction
  • Lighting systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Roof and wall panelling

Full service for your challenge in the small-parts warehouse

We at Klinkhammer look back with pride on more than 50 years of experience with storage systems of all kind. This high expertise is our greatest strength which we are happy to apply for your tasks. We will provide you with tailor-made, customized all-round packages which leave nothing to be desired. Call us, we will be glad to advise you.


Saving energy for the storage and retrieval system with Super Caps

By using Super Caps, energy for the storage and retrieval system in the automated small-parts warehouse or high-bay pallet warehouse can be saved by feeding the braking energy of the storage and retrieval system directly back into the device. This is possible with the help of Super Caps as a storage medium. With this sustainable, modern technology, the operator can save up to 40% energy, as the energy requirements of the storage and retrieval systems are significantly reduced. Power peaks in the supply network can be absorbed and reduced by the energy storage systems. As a result, the infrastructure such as cables, UPS, transformer and fuses can be designed smaller and thus offer potential for savings.

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