• Robotic Piece Picking

Robot-based order picking of small parts

Robotic Piece Picking

Order picking workstations can be fully automated with AI-supported robot technology. The robot is optimized for single item picking. Thanks to an intelligent vision-system, it independently identifies the position of the unsorted items in the container, picks them up and places them in the order container or shipping carton. A trouble-free „bin-picking“ is thus ensured. The technology is very versatile, because the robot uses self-learning algorithms to continuously improve its tasks.

Klinkhammer is happy to advise you and offers support for free tests, where you can see for yourself how well the smart item picking recognizes, picks up and places your specific small parts.

Robotic Features

  • Self-learning algorithms
  • Flexible gripping systems
  • Intuitive operation and handling
  • Customizable

Performance data

  • Item range: Gripping system tai-lored to the target item range
  • Load capacity: Up to 10 kg
  • Item dimensions: 10 - 200 mm edge length
  • Item shapes: Broad range
  • Performance: Up to 1.000 picks/h, depending on item range/structure
  • Gripping rate: Up to 99%, depen-ding on item range
  • Temperature range: >5°C

High performance

Robot-based piece picking stations achieve up to 1,000 picks per hour. Even at an optimized manual goods-to-person workstation, people cannot achieve such high picking performance over a longer period of time. If high throughputs are in constant demand, picking robots prove to be extremely economical, especially in multi-shift operation. Depending on the shift model, order structure and item range, an ROI of under 2 years can be expected.

Flexible system integration

Klinkhammer offers automation solutions from one source. We integrate piece picking both in new and existing logistics systems, digitally network the systems and control the material flow from goods receipt to shipping. In order to make optimum use of the high picking performance of the picking robot over the long term, high-performance shuttle systems or other small-parts warehouses can be used to supply the robot with containers in the correct sequence and the required throughput. The picking robots are seamlessly integrated into the state-of-the-art warehouse management system KlinkWARE® and thus receive their picking orders. Piece picking can also be used for warehouse activities beyond picking, such as storage compaction and consolidation of goods. Robot-based and manual picking stations can also be combined. In this case, robots are preferably used at workstations with high turnover, multi-shift-operation and a wide range of items. Due to booming industries, such as e-commerce and fulfillment, high-performance picking of small quantities and individual items is becoming increasingly important. Robot-based picking increases efficiency and reliability and decreases the operating costs of the entire system.


  • Free test and verification of item range
  • High productivity and efficiency, short ROI
  • Quick and easy commissioning
  • Can also be integrated for existing logistics systems
  • High availability thanks to robust and durable systems suitable for industrial use
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