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Master Data, Ambient- and Storage Conditions - KlinkWARE®

Master Data

So that your ERP can set the direction. A designation or name is more expressive than a number.

The article master, also called stock list, consists of many aspects a material or product requires when storing or handling it.

Bills of materials
Here, not only the components required can be specified, but also work steps including costs, allowed times or descriptive documents.

Customers / suppliers
Customer and supplier master data are maintained and updated jointly. The so-called account plays a privileged role. Thus, also freight forwarders among others have an account allowing them to analyse the supplier relationship.

There are not just shipping addresses or invoice addresses, but also sender addresses on behalf of your customer.

Ambient- and Storage Conditions

Here, you do not just define temperature or humidity, but the environment into which the warehouse integrates including the management of product characteristics.

Multi-warehouse management
Link several sites to one logistics network that exchanges information and goods.

Stock management
Lay the foundation for related data structures and manage the properties of your products in a comprehensible and traceable manner.

Multi-client management
Your logistics department is a service provider. Clients are used to register the ownership of the products. Likewise, customers and suppliers as well as their addresses are linked to clients.

Batch management
A batch number may not only be used for backtracking, but also for optimizing FIFO-strategies.

Use-by date management
As to the shelf or storage life, further dependencies are added such as a changed FIFO, modified allocation procedures or automated status changes due to deadline(s) exceeded.

Serial number management
Serial numbers identify an individual piece or unit. Same as with the batch management, the serial number management allows tracing products.

QA status management
If it is necessary to lock goods held in stock, to put them into inspection status or move them to quarantine, then QA-states must be managed and modified.

Special conditions
Any further functionality you may require can be mapped within the scope of new modules to be programmed.

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