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Storage & Relocation - KlinkWARE®


Place your fast movers so efficiently that they reach the shipping zone on the shortest route when being retrieved.

The dynamics of the storage and retrieval cranes and shuttles, their capacity and availability influence searching a storage location in the same way as the article distribution for bypassing a malfunction and the positioning based on the turnover rate.

Addition to existing stock
Same batch, same FIFO date, same properties - nothing is more inviting to save storage space and merge stocks.

Route optimization is possible with several trading units to be stored in combination with a retrieval operation: Employees are never empty-handed.

Trays & Co.
This is a sort of addition to an existing stock: Sub-trading units are created which are managed by means of a load handling attachment. A dissection or space management is possible.


Pave the way with multiple-deep storage. Bring your articles to the optimal position which was not available at the time of storage.

In a "Goods-To-Man" system relocations are initiated automatically. This includes the assignment of a storage location that takes account of transport routes and blockades through other transports.

Centrally organized relocation
This module provides the central acquisition of relocation orders by means of which you can instruct users and devices to execute respective goods movements. Using this acquisition tool you determine source and destination of the movements.

In manually operated areas this module allows the selection of storage units that shall be relocated. The relocation is initiated and executed by the user.

Warehouse reorganization
You will be offered proposals for how to improve the warehouse occupancy. This applies to the occupancy of storage locations with low-priority load carrier types, height classes, storage zones (alternative zones) or inappropriate ABC-zones.

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