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Control Station & Statistics - KlinkWARE®

Control Station & Statistics

Increase the efficiency of your system. Identify bottlenecks early to initiate countermeasures in good time.

Comprehensive control station functions for efficient planning, monitoring, control and optimization of the business processes make work much easier. Control stations show what is currently going on in your warehouse. The order and transport control stations provide basic information.

  • How many orders are pending and in which order picking zone?
  • Which urgent order does have a stock problem?
  • How many transports are active in an area or zone?
  • Which packaging station is overloaded?

You can see all this and much more at a glance.

Special control stations give you an overview of the activities.

  • How many incoming goods transactions have been already handled today and how many are still open according to the advice notes?
  • What about today's performance of the order picking crew?
  • Where are they lagging behind?
  • How many packages and pallets have been packed today and which order volume is still pending?

To know exactly where you stand informs and motivates your employees. Statistical key figures provide an overview of the work already done. Here, not only performance figures are gathered, but also relations are established.

  • Which article was sent out how often in which quantities and out of which order picking area to which customers?

This overview already offers optimization potential with regard to packaging units which your suppliers should make available or allows better conditions for your customers when ordering certain quantities or volumes.

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