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Cutting-Edge Applications Based on Proven Technology - KlinkWARE®

Processing with handheld RF devices
Handheld RF-terminals are rugged and versatile warehouse companions. They offer the possibility of covering almost all logistical processes. These terminals, however, are limited as to their display possibilities. This is not necessarily a disadvantage. Terminals focus on the corresponding process and give clear instructions.

Mobile web browser applications
Browser applications mainly serve information and administration purposes. They are platform-independent, can be reached while away from the office, are easy to operate and intuitive. Printing even of bar codes is possible just like that. But also processing modules are operated remotely when no work station application is necessary.

"By-light" procedures
The option of guiding the user by visual signals is commonly used in areas requiring high speed and high accuracy and where distances to go a very short.

Processing based on papers
Even though it might appear completely far-fetched in the electronics age to work with lists, there are, however, practical reasons to opt for paper-based solutions. Examples to state here are the operation of an external store without digital infrastructure or an emergency plan in case the wireless network fails.

"By-voice" procedures
Basically, Voice over IP devices allow the same functions to be performed as with handheld RF-terminals. Information output to the user again is reduced. These devices have been designed and developed for simple announcements and clear commands and are not able to read out complete texts. In the voice modules, the processes are streamlined and thus permit less deviations from the standard procedure.

"By-vision" procedures
Trendsetting collection and registration system by means of smart glasses. During order picking the picker has both hands free, while special eye ware visualizes the data required.

Forklift terminals
Basically, forklift terminals are able to fulfill the same functions as handheld RF-terminals. Here, too, we use terminal server sessions. Forklift terminals, however, mostly offer a larger display for providing information and thus make operation more easy.

Work station dialogs
Stationary work stations must be highly efficient as they have higher costs due to a less flexible use. Special KlinkWARE® applications ensure highest efficiency as they are leading with respect to ergonomic aspects and feedback to the user (e.g. browser applications). Many of these applications are optimized for touch screens to allow intuitive handling. The applications can be installed locally on the computers (fat client) or operated via a terminal server (thin client variant).

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