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KlinCONTROL® System Control / Digital Twin / KlinkVISION® System Visualization

Whether automated storage and retrieval systems, shuttles, sorters, pallet or container conveyor systems – the programmable logic controllers with largely standardized control modules ensure optimum transportation of the goods to their destination. Modern data transmission technology such as TCP/IP, Profibus and AS-i-Bus is used for communicating with material flow computer and systems. KlinkVISION®, the modern visualization system, guarantees rapid alarm diagnostics in the warehouse and offers an additional Maintenance Tool with operating life oriented maintenance indicator and a KlinkVISION® Analyzer Tool for statistics reports.

Thanks to KlinCONTROL® it is possible to uniquely identify and localize all load carriers at any time, whether they are on the conveyors or in the high-bay warehouse. The sensors and drives embedded in the transport control help to clearly detect and speedily remedy malfunctions. The system is operated and monitored using the KlinkVISION® visualization system. In manual mode, system interventions can be made via stationary PCs, mobile panels or the smart phone.

KlinkVISION® visualization software

Rapid alarm diagnostics in the warehouse – minimizing downtimes

The Klinkhammer visualization system KlinkVISION® illustrates the system in dynamized overview screens. The Software always informs the user on the current state of all system areas.

Live monitoring

In the system, all alarms and system status messages are captured and logged. Based on this data, it is possible to generate statistics or the data can be made available for further processing (e.g. in Microsoft Excel). In combination with the zoom function that allows zooming into individual system sections or devices, a quick failure analysis and debugging is supported. Detail data of conveyor locations, AS/RS systems etc. can be displayed or even modified which makes it possible to enter test orders and permits a self-sufficient emergency operation.

Real-time data analysis and remote maintenance

Numerous service activities, for which in the past an on-site stay was necessary, nowadays may be performed via remote maintenance using KlinkVISION®. All Klinkhammer systems are connected to the Remote Service and are monitored and supported from a central head office. A consistent IT structure with safe, encrypted data connections guarantees data integrity.

Detail screens down to sensor and drive level

Thanks to detail screens reaching down to the sensor and drive level, KlinkVISION® allows the operating staff to identify irregularities before a breakdown of the system occurs. Sensors provide data on the state of the machines and systems and can be analyzed together with error messages and statistics.

Highlights KlinkVISION®:

  • Intuitive structure
  • Fast alarm diagnostics
  • Highest user comfort
  • Detail views down to sensor and drive level
  • Live monitoring
  • Real-time data and remote maintenance
  • Mobile version with touch panels


  • Maintenance Tool for a service life oriented maintenance indication
  • Analyzer Tool for statistics reports

Optional: Maintenance Tool with operating life oriented maintenance indicator

Using the KlinkVISION® Maintenance Tool, preventive maintenance activities are carried out exactly according to the operational performance and service life. A forward-looking, anticipating maintenance optimizes the maintenance times in the long run and ensures the availability of an automated logistics system. The new KlinkVISION® Maintenance Tool does not only log operating data, but also indicates - depending on the operating performance of the devices - upcoming maintenance activities that can be performed by the user. Additionally, service life oriented maintenance activities such as e.g. checking the conductor lines and carbon brushes of an automatic storage and retrieval crane are signalized in good time. Furthermore, KlinkVISION® evaluates the operating hours of automatic storage and retrieval cranes, lifters or transfer cars on a daily basis or based on operating hours and visualizes them by a colour-coded time bar. This allows a preventive maintenance to be carried out exactly according to the operational performance.

Optional: KlinkVISION® Analyzer - Alarm data analysis & statistics report

KlinkVISION® Analyzer is an independent software program which statistically analyzes and clearly visualizes alarm messages of the visualization system KlinkVISION®. Thus, you can find out at a glance which problems occur most frequently and Hwhich cause the longest downtimes. Conse-quential targeted measures can be taken to increase the pro-ductivity of the system.

Highlights Analyzer

  • Analysis of weaknesses
  • Main errors
  • Downtime analysis
  • Ranking list representation
  • Time analysis
  • Grouping according to error categories
  • Trend analysis
  • Error class analysis per system section
  • Statistics report
  • Multilingualism

Digital twin - Comprehensive tests before implementation

With a digital twin, a digital image of the physical processes in the automated warehouse is generated. The processes in the digital twin are exactly the same as in the real system. Digital twins enable processes to be tested comprehensively before they are implemented in the system on site. This saves time and money when commissioning new systems, when optimizing a logistics system and, above all, in retrofit projects, where commissioning often takes place during ongoing operations. The system visualization KlinkVISION® in combination with the control technology KlinCONTROL® offer the ideal software and hardware solution for the digital twin. By connecting the virtual system model with the real control technology and PLC logic, a high degree of testing of the software and the future system sensors is possible even before the start of commissioning. The deliberate separation of the machine control software from the warehouse management software offers a detailed view of the system technology down to the sensor and actuator level, e.g. values from converters, number of readings from scanners, or operating hours of individual system parts.

KlinCONTROL® - modern, lean control concept for your system

The controller system processes transport orders from the higher-level material flow computer, but also incorporates functions allowing stand-alone operation. Before commissioning at the customer site, the software specifically generated for the system is tested with test software at the premises of Klinkhammer. On long conveyor sections with a large number of pallets or boxes the precise position identification and thus fast alarm diagnostics are ensured. A manual intervention and change of the destination is possible at any time you wish. The data-oriented transport control avoids data offsets and increases system reliability and transparency. For controlling the conveyors, the technicians of the Klinkhammer Group rely on the freely programmable technology of the Siemens S7 generation and/or TIA portal S7. This technology guarantees a service life of around 30 years. The availability of PC-components is not able to keep up with this. For a wide variety of AS/RS-systems and loading aids such as pallets, boxes, cardboard boxes or long items and goods with special dimensions Klinkhammer developed standards. All AS/RS types have one thing in common: a material-saving curve control.

  • Energy-saving technology tailored to the corresponding device
  • Variable acceleration and speed pre-selection
  • As and when required, precision shelf positioning option for drive and lift axis
  • Optical or data check of storage location occupancy in the AS/RS-control system
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