Warehouse Systems - From High-Bay Warehouse to Automated Small Parts Storage

When planners and realizers are able to work "hand in hand", an important precondition for a successful project is already fulfilled. Our technical sales employees act as contact persons right from the start and - jointly with the project manager - coordinate the overall project from the very first conversation up to commissioning.

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Warehouse Systems

A well-planned warehouse also needs optimum warehouse equipment. As system- and market-independent provider, the Klinkhammer Group can choose from a wide variety of products and services and thus offer the best options available on the market. No matter if conveyor systems, small parts storage shelving or pallet racks, drive-in, flow or high-bay racks, container concepts or complex shelving systems - it is always important to adapt the solution perfectly to the warehouse topology and the requirements of the goods to be stored and to match it to the components employed and the warehouse concept.

These are your advantages at Klinkhammer

  • future proof
  • economical
  • personal consulting
  • 50 years of experience    
  • long lifespan        
  • state-of-the-art software                     
  • system monitoring
  • all from one source

Consequently, the warehouse equipment is vital for ensuring the best possible warehouse performance. This is why the Klinkhammer Group focuses on this issue and relies on customized solutions made of standardized components. For many controllers warehouses are still a controversial subject. The times, however, of never-ending halls full of redundant stocks on hand are over. Instead of holding large quantities of raw materials, semi-finished goods and finished goods in stock, warehouse systems nowadays are characterized by efficiency and dynamics. Furthermore, completely new possibilities to use the existing storage space are available thanks to modern high-bay systems and automatic warehouse vehicles. Hence, it is good to have a partner who is a specialist in warehouse systems.

Warehouse systems - a job for professionals

For several decades, we at Klinkhammer, have been realizing automated warehouse systems for the most demanding customers. We perfectly know the market and its opportunities at any time and are aware of the innovative possibilities which modern technology keeps ready. It does not always have to be the latest generation of sensor technology or the fastest storage robot. Often enough it's the small details that make a great impact and help warehouse systems of a company to get a new efficiency. We are completely independent of specific component suppliers and do research in new concepts. In doing so, the main focus of our considerations is on faster processes in intralogistics, more efficient space management and more intelligent planning.

KlinCAT® - the response to the new challenges

Where we do not find the appropriate solutions on the market when searching for components, we are going to develop them ourselves. KlinCAT® is our reply to the new challenges in warehouse technology. Highly automated warehouse systems offering maximum capacity on narrow space are the result of the development of KlinCAT®. Our multi-level shuttle system is able to approach up to 9 tote levels above each other. With a lifting height of 1.5 meters and an operating speed of up to 5 m/s KlinCAT® is a response to warehouse systems that are strongly characterized by the idea of just-in-time and depend on high performances.

KlinkWARE® - the software for warehouse systems and their users

All warehouse systems will perform only as good as their employees are able to handle them. Many ambitious projects fail because of outdated or too complex software. With the development of KlinkWARE® we took a completely different approach. Visualizing as much as possible and as little complex as necessary - these were the cornerstones for the user concept of our innovate software for warehouse systems. Using KlinkWARE®, the employees are able to control and track all relevant processes in the warehouse with their laptop, tablet or smartphone. Special attention was paid especially to the ease of use. Unambiguous icons and simple menus allow each employee to become a full warehouse professional.

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