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Value-Added Services, Consolidation & Packaging - KlinkWARE®

Value-Added Services

Integrate value-added services or special processing operations. The standard service takes place at service stations between order picking and packaging. But also complex processes are possible - up to the production of articles based on bills of material.

Simple-Service, manual
A manual "simple service" in KlinkWARE® is the display of certain jobs or activities at the service station where the user only needs to confirm the fulfilment of these tasks or jobs.

Service during the order picking process
In case a service shall take place during order picking, no service work station is required e.g. for labelling goods using a mobile printer.

This module represents among other things the formation of sets or the display rack construction. If an order includes sales-type bills of materials that must be linked physically to a product, this happens in the "production service" module. This module enables providing more information up to work steps that ensure a high quality of the result on the one hand and allow logging the process on the other hand.

Simple-Service, automated
An automated procedure e.g. may be labelling with an applicator or the processing at a production line.

Service in the packing process
Using this module, you have all things together to prepare the goods for dispatch in a customized way.


With the consolidation you merge orders. Consolidation occurs between processes, i.e. between picking and service, picking and packaging, service and packaging, packaging and shipping.

This module is used for automated consolidation stores. In this module, the selection of storage locations and the activation processes have been especially adapted to the warehouse equipment such you can fully benefit from the advantages and the speed of the technology used.

This module offers you greater possibilities for structuring the warehouse and flexible access to orders. Goods can be collected such to be mixed or exactly sorted - from racking systems down to storage locations on the floor. Where necessary, storage and retrieval are accomplished by several users.


Create a package for shipment out of picked items or entire trading units.

Packaging an entire trading unit, manual
This module informs the user about the order or shipment to which a unit belongs and specifies details about the further processing steps such as weighing or labelling.

Packaging an entire trading unit, automated
The automated packing takes place on the conveyors or viaRF-terminals without any further intervention being necessary. Automatic labelling machines or scales may be used.

Packaging process, manual
During this process, contents of order containers are reposted to become packages and, if necessary, quantities are split or consolidated, sub-packaging units and outer packaging units are created, and packaging types are proposed or indicated.

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