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Conveyors by Klinkhammer – Benefit From Experience

Conveyors installed in the warehouse guarantee that goods of all size and weight categories automatically reach their predefined destination without interrupting the in-house transport. From the goods in department to the high-bay warehouse, from the automated small parts storage to order picking and consolidation and finally to the shipping department.

Conveyors - warehouse automation, robust and quiet

The transport media, however, can be very different: Chain, roller or modular belt conveyors, vertical conveyors / lifts or transfer carriages – there are various options.

Thanks to our experience in mechanical engineering and as manufacturer- and market-independent supplier we are able to provide clients with the best advice and put ideas into practice. Of course, our complete solution package includes also control engineering, electrical engineering, PLC-programming, assembly and after-sales service. This way, everything fits together perfectly ensuring a faultless, smooth material flow from the beginning to the end.

Important aspect: Despite sensitive technology the components must be rugged and reliably perform their duties in daily operation – if needed 24 hours a day. Conveyors by Klinkhammer – from one source and perfectly matching the requirements.


We are happy to advise you personally and without obligation

Conveyor systems

  • Container or pallet conveyors
  • Modular band conveyors
  • Chain conveyors
  • Chain transfer modules
  • Strap transfer modules
  • Strap conveyors
  • Turntables / corner transfer modules
  • Roller conveyors
  • Accumulated roller conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Angled-belt conveyors
  • Gravity conveyors
  • Vertical conveyors
  • Diverters / transfer modules / pushers
  • Sorters / distributors / mergers
  • Transfer vehicles, distribution trolleys, crossways transfer cars
  • Automated guided vehicle systems
  • Electric suspended monorail systems
  • Electric pallet ground conveyors

Additional systems

  • Shrink-wrapping systems, stretch-wrap systems, strapping systems
  • Packaging machines
  • Labelling systems
  • Automated Palletizing systems, depalletizing systems
  • Automated Sequencer

Up-to-date conveyors for an automated Warehouse

Bringing everything which is needed as efficiently as possible at the right time to the right place - that's the basic requirement to intralogistics in present times. This keeps storage capacities small and effectively prevents overproductions and material supply shortfalls. One fundamental prerequisite for the performance of the warehouse therefore are modern conveyors combined with correspondingly powerful software.

Klinkhammer as brand-independent all-round partner for warehousing technology and conveyors

Klinkhammer looks back on more than 40 years of experience in warehousing technology and conveyors. Conveyors are a central field of innovation in the entire in-house logistics which we have consistently pursued and observed from the beginning. We register each dynamic innovation impulse and check whether it is suitable for our customers. This way, we are able to develop nowadays warehouse concepts that offer maximum speed while at the same time requiring a minimum of manpower. Industry 4.0 also affects conveyor technology. In intra-company logistics, automation is a key future issue.

Conveyors: Optimally planned flow of materials

Besides a very precise material conveyance energy efficiency is also major issue. Automatic distributors or sorters can save valuable resources, reduce error rates and nevertheless work while ensuring staff efficiency. Klinkhammer offers conveyors for individually packaged goods of all kind, whether cardboard boxes, totes, trays, pallets or any special loading/storage aids - we convey everything from parcels to coils. Our scope of supply also regularly comprises special conveyors such as crossways transfer cars, vertical conveyors, palletizers, stretchers or sequencers. An integral part of our conveyors is our ultra-modern control system based on Siemens S7 - on request also with TIA portal - as well as our easy-to-understand and informative visualization system. It gives you an ideal overview of the corresponding system states and at the same time enables our remote service access to your conveyors. Upon request, an additional camera monitoring can be integrated as well.

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