Improving the Warehouse Performance by Retrofitting

With a retrofit, Klinkhammer checks your requirements and brings your old system or installation up to date such that the service life of your investment is extended. By replacing outdated computer and control systems and adapting them to the latest standard productivity, profitability and efficiency of your old installation will be increased. When the situation requires so, alteration and upgrading activities are carried out during operation without requiring any downtimes. By modernizing your old system you will additionally benefit from a later reduction of maintenance costs and energy savings thanks to modern energy management.


The first automated warehouses date back to the early sixties. Changing business needs, changing market requirements, updated safety and regulatory standards and constantly evolving technology - all this does not inevitably have to lead to an investment in an entirely new system or installation. In this respect, it is irrelevant who supplied the old system. When planning the retrofit of an existing installation no aspects will be omitted.


  • Capturing the problem and analysing the system on site
  • Working out a retrofit concept
  • Replacing outdated computer and control systems
  • Exchanging control and bus systems
  • Updating safety systems
  • Optimizing performance
  • Restructuring of systems
  • Checking the availability of spare parts
  • Updating the system documentation
  • Professional and experienced project management and implementation planning
  • Professional service and maintenance

Your benefits

  • Increase in productivity, performance, profitability and efficiency
  • Ensuring the availability by replacing outdated components
  • Reduction of maintenance costs by using more energy-efficient drives
  • Energy saving thanks to modern energy management
  • Enhanced communication of material flow control and warehouse management software
  • Complete and consistent processing by one provider
  • Step-by-step execution of renovation and upgrading activities during operation
  • Optimal care and support by our Service24 team
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Exemplary fields of application

  • Drives and control engineering
  • New IT landscape, material flow computer and warehouse management systems
  • Sensors, bus and control technology for logistics systems
  • Re-equipment with mobile terminals, hand-held terminals
  • Replacement of mechanical components up to the complete AS/RS
  • Extension of system components
  • Restructuring of systems
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