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Shipping & Inventory - KlinkWARE®


By means of the "shipping scan" your packages leave the warehouse at the dispatch gate. Everything is under control - whether at the ramp or on the truck.

Manual shipping is ensured by mobile end devices that are equipped with the necessary reading units such as bar code scanners or RFID-reading units. The user receives information about shipping, verifies and acknowledges the process. Loading sequences are communicated via dialogues.

The automated shipping is ensured through conveyor scanners or mobile end devices without further interventions being necessary. Loading sequences were already taken into account by the system in advance.


During inventory you create inventory count documents or make inventory corrections. Define different strategies, whether postings are made immediately or after separate evaluation, whether users are allowed to decide by themselves or the four-eye principle prevails.

A zero-crossing inventory takes place when a trading unit shall be emptied during order picking. In case of an unexpected zero-crossing, a respective confirmation occurs.

Annual inventory - Goods-to-Man
The annual inventory in Goods-To-Man systems is often subject to simplification procedures which are supported by this module. The trading units necessary for counting are made available at inventory work stations (usually combined with other work stations).

Perpetual inventory - Goods-to-Man
With the perpetual inventory option, all storage locations and articles are counted once a period. During this process, counting actions are triggered periodically and at regular intervals and will take place during the normal warehouse operation. The perpetual inventory control module triggers these periodic counting actions considering there by the remaining time in the period.

Small-volume inventory
In case the volume of items in a storage location is small and manageable - whether during picking or when adding goods to existing stock - the system may prompt the user to count this volume. As with the perpetual inventory, the possibility of creating added value is used at a storage location where the user is currently working.

Annual inventory - Man-to-Goods
Here, a complete inventory count of the stock is made by a given fixed date. Usually, simplifications are not permitted, unless procedures of the perpetual inventory are concerned. Counting activities are distributed in batches to storage are as such that counting in the warehouse can take place in parallel.

Perpetual inventory - Man-to-Goods
The procedure corresponds to the one of the Goods-to-Man module, but again the storage shelf types or structures are more diverse such that more complex procedures take place. Various manual warehouse types, e.g. block warehouses, however, cannot be subject to perpetual inventory, but require an annual inventory at a fixed date.

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