Why keep up with the times when we can be ahead of times? We act progressively and trend-setting. The success of our customers is just as important as the positive effect on us. We mature on our projects, develop ourselves further and continuously improve our performance. We grow – individually for us and for our customers. Success means moving ahead economically, humanly and personally.


Klinkhammer is a family-run company with tradition and character. We live from direct contact with customers and colleagues. The personal conversation with each other and with our customers is our basis of a good relationship. Listening, talking to each other, asking questions, understanding, sometimes being critical: That is the most fertile ground for cooperation.


We do intralogistics, because we are good at it. And because we love it. As we have a common goal, we invest passion in every conversation and every work step. The enthusiasm of each individual releases energies making projects a success. The pride in what we have achieved sparks our willpower to inspire again and again.


When children encounter something new, they are suspicious until they understand it. We win our customers’ trust by being honest from the start. We disclose dates, prices and processes right from the beginning. Our agreements are binding and count as set. A project can only become our success if all participants have the same level of knowledge.


New projects are like characters – multifaceted. They must first be viewed from all sides, only then can we reach a conclusion based on years of experience. We respond to these characteristics and needs. That is why we design individual systems for individual customers. With the building blocks planning, implementation and software, we offer tailor-made complete solutions.

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