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Press Releases – Archive

Marburg Wallcoverings with Fully-Automated Intralogistics Solution Made by Klinkhammer

Nuremberg (11/7/2014) – Since 2010, the Klinkhammer Group has been realizing and implementing various extensions of the intralogistics system at Marburg Wallcoverings. By implementing a fully-automated high bay warehouse section and a small parts warehouse, introducing a new intralogistics concept and installing new workstations in the shipping area, throughput times were minimized, ordering times reduced and transparency was increased.

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Store-Specific Order Picking and Never-out-of-Stock-Warehouse for Top Eagle Garment!

- Top Eagle Garment successful with new Klinkhammer concept

- Order picking directly at the supplier’s location

- Expensive stock outs in the basic product range are avoided

- Put-to-Light ensures simple process sequences and minimizes errors


Nuremberg/Heshan – Whether Jack Wolfskin, Voelkl, Pearl Izumi, or Jako-o – in the textile trade speed and quality of delivery are of vital importance. One important aspect here is shortening the logistic processes. Here, Top Eagle Garment – with its production sites in the Chinese provinces of Hubei and Guangdong – among other things relies on the concept of store-specific order picking. As such, Top Eagle Garment not only takes care of the production of goods, but acts also as central warehouse for its customers. In the past, textiles were delivered to the customers according to item. Today, the textiles are kept in stock at Top Eagle Garment and then delivered “just in time” and in a store-specific way to the respective stores in Europe, the USA or Japan.

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Intuitive System Visualization with Integrated Maintenance Tool

Nuremberg (03/2013) - With KlinkVISION®, the Klinkhammer Group presents a new intelligent diagnosis and maintenance tool. The innovative Maintenance Tool with operating life oriented maintenance indicator supports the operating and service staff with preventive maintenance activities.

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