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Klinkhammer Logistics Planning is Top

Nuremberg (06/2016) - In a national comparison of consultants the Klinkhammer Group has been awarded as TOP CONSULTANT. The seal identifies consultants having specialized in small to mid-sized enterprises and offering special services.

Nuremberg - In a national comparison of consultants the Klinkhammer Group has been awarded as TOP CONSULTANT. The seal identifies consultants having specialized in small to mid-sized enterprises and offering special services. 

14,000 consultants in total are on the complex market for advising small to mid-sized companies. The annual competition TOP CONSULTANT provides orientation and guidance. In a customer survey on the subject best technical consultant for small and mid-sized companies, the Klinkhammer Group was rated "excellent" and thus received a confirmation for its transparent and professional logistics planning services. For making a future-driven investment decision on the erection of a logistics center, it is necessary, following a detailed data collection and actual state analysis, to identify weak points and potential savings, to depict complex logistic material flows in a transparent manner and to show the most cost-effective solution by means of comparison of variants and simulations. The quality seal provides further orientation on the market and helps companies to remain on the road to success by choosing the right consulting company. 

"We place great value on remaining independent of products and suppliers and on planning, offering and realizing the best and most cost-effective solution for our customers" emphasizes Frank Klinkhammer. "Therefore, I am very pleased that we have been awarded TOP CONSULTANT this year and hence our consulting skills and expertise has been also confirmed by a neutral party." The broad experience gathered through a large number of realized logistics systems allows the Klinkhammer Group to offer practically relevant consulting skills for a lean, digitally networked automation. 

The award is based on a scientifically substantiated customer survey performed by Prof. Dr. Dietmar Fink of the University Bonn-Rhein-Sieg and Bianka Knoblach. Both are in charge of the Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung (WGMB) and have been carrying out TOP CONSULTANT already for the seventh time. Decisive for the award is that the customers attested a high degree of professionalism to the consultant and were satisfied with the consulting services offered. As a mentor of the comparison of consultants, Christian Wulff, retired Federal President, recognized the consulting services of the Klinkhammer Group during a ceremony on the 3rd German Summit for small and mid-sized enter-prises in Essen. 

All consultants awarded as TOP CONSULTANT, who could apply in five categories, achieved an excellent or good result. As one of a total of 87 companies, the Klinkhammer Group managed to claim a place among the best consultants 2016 and now is allowed to call itself TOP CONSULTANT in the sector "Technical consultant". For more than 40 years the Klinkhammer Group has been one of the leading intralogistics providers in Europe. From the innovative logistics concept through to the installation of the warehouse technology and trendsetting software Klinkhammer offers all services from one single source. As independent intralogistics expert with an international focus the Klinkhammer Group has been realizing automation solutions for the most varied branches of industry and company sizes. Especially small and mid-sized companies trust in the neutral view and comprehensive consulting expertise of the Klinkhammer Group. The director of the studies, Prof. Dr. Dietmar Fink adds: "Small and mid-sized com-panies expect consultants to communicate with them at eye level and to work out individual solutions for their specific challenges and requirements. The TOP CONSULTANTS show very impressively that they satisfy the demands of their customers and think also outside the box. In the complicated, unmanageable jungle of consultants the TOP CONSULTANT seal provides the customers an orientation on which they can trust." 

Figure: Hagen Schumann, Head of Sales and Consulting of the Klinkhammer Group, and Gerlinde Stark, Head of Marketing, are happy about the TOP CONSULTANT award, presented to the Klinkhammer Group during the 3rd German Summit for small and mid-sized enterprises in Essen by Christian Wulff, retired Federal President. 

Background information on TOP CONSULTANT: Since 2010, compamedia awards the TOP CONSULTANT seal to consulting companies for small and mid-sized enterprises which, from the perspective of the customers, stand out by excellent, special services. Consultants may apply in the categories human resources, management, IT and technical consult-ing as well organization development. The mentor of the scientific comparison of companies is the retired Federal President, Christian Wulff. The manager magazine serves as media partner. For more information, please log on at You will find Germany's best consultants also on Background information on the project and general pictures are available in the Internet at or by sending an email to

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