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The Most User-Friendly Warehouse Management Software is Now on the Market – Up to 5 Times Faster Control of your Logistics Facility

Nuremberg (12.11.15) – With the Warehouse-Management-Software KlinkWARE® the Klinkhammer Group presents a new generation of warehouse management software and material flow control. KlinkWARE® sets a milestone in terms of speed and intuitive operation and is a pioneer in the field of lean touchscreen operation.

Nuremberg (12.11.15) – With the Warehouse-Management-Software KlinkWARE® the Klinkhammer Group presents a new generation of warehouse management software and material flow control. KlinkWARE® sets a milestone in terms of speed and intuitive operation and is a pioneer in the field of lean touchscreen operation.

“The speedy power pack KlinkWARE® is a completely new development and is based on up-to-date technology and software architecture" says Frank Bennemann, Managing Director of AK Warehouse Solutions GmbH which is part of the Klinkhammer Group.  “The processing speed of the control jobs in form of PLC-telegrams is up to five times faster than in the present system existing so far”. During the development, the specialists of AK Warehouse Solutions placed a strong emphasis on both the ease of use of touch panels, tablets and forklift truck terminals and on the clearly structured, ergonomic graphical user interface of the stationary and web-based version. With KlinkWARE®, the new generation of the previous Klinkhammer warehouse management software DC21, the user is provided with a long-lasting and future-oriented software which already today allows for the trends in connections and functions.

Excellence in touch
The mobile touch variant works in a similar way to an app. The slide function avoids laborious and extensive scrolling, the “smear” tool navigates easily through lists and by tipping the relevant functions zoom in. Scalable views offer with the "one-page” function the possibility to decide for an overall view or partial view by one touch. The lean and easy to use software thus considerably facilitates the handling for the user and saves time.

Stationary PCs and web versions
The menus of the stationary PCs and of the web version are logical to follow, self-explanatory and the ideal basis for the daily work. Meaningful icons and an easy, graphical navigation through the warehouse management processes allow a fast and easy orientation within the software. This way, the familiarization of the user with the software is reduced to a minimum. 

Speed counts
Thanks to the completely new technology platform the processing speed of control jobs in form of PLC-telegrams is much faster than with the previous system. In tests with 4 PLC-controllers running simultaneously around 50 telegrams per second and PLC could be received and replied just as quickly. This corresponds to a throughput of 400 telegrams received and sent per second. This speed increase is achieved by the fact that job processing is not done sequentially but in parallel and thus more control jobs can be processed in the same time.

Another innovation is the use of the "in memory" database technology being used for the rapid processing of statistical assessments, data exchange and archive functions. For these applications, not a conventional, relational database, but an object-oriented "in memory” database is used that works like a main memory and allows an extremely fast access to the data.  Evaluations, data exchange and archives consequently do not affect the performance of the logistics system and are even faster.

Simple connection to interfaces
One of the new features among others is the simple connection to interfaces to ERP and other software systems. KlinkWARE® integrates into existing system landscapes and also offers a link to shipping and special systems. Interfaces can be adapted easily by means of own configurations and Java scripting such that they can be even programmed by the user itself. This is possible thanks to an interface converter, the integration framework WRX, which is used for complex migration and connection processes.

Future-oriented technology
Another focus was placed on the software’s release capability. As for warehouse management software mostly customer specific adaptations are made, a modular structure of the software package is even more important for software updates. Often customer-specific software must be revised after some years due to changing operating systems, hardware and databases. Cyclically performed updates ensure that the customer – within the scope of a service contract – always has the current version at his disposal and does not miss any further development.

Flexible software platform, individually adaptable
After a brief familiarization period customers themselves are able to select the warehouse strategies. They can decide whether it is about FiFo, ABC-classification, height and weight categories, about order release rules, order picking sequences or the supply to the packing stations. The software has been designed such that it features a maximum of flexibility to adapt to customer-specific processes. Whether highly complex automated logistics systems or conventional manual warehouse area - KlinkWARE® utilizes all potentials of the warehouse optimally and guarantees cost-efficient processes. With professionality during the project realization phase and a perfected competence in applying methods the Klinkhammer experts offer assistance in all questions concerning software operation.

Software architects of the Klinkhammer Group
Nowadays, software plays a crucial role in all intralogistics concepts. No conveyor component or function, no storage and retrieval crane and no warehouse process can do without software. “For the new development we have our own software company within the Klinkhammer Group, the AK Warehouse Solutions, that exclusively takes care of the continuous further development and optimization of the warehouse management system and bundles all activities” underlines Frank Klinkhammer, Managing Director of the Klinkhammer Group. “With this clear focus and the experience gathered in hundreds of systems realized in the most various branches the Klinkhammer Group is able to provide its customers with even more targeted and comprehensive advice”. The profound understanding of the targets and business processes of the users is the basis for both an advanced and extensible and also economic intralogistics solution – from planning and realization to the software. For more than 40 years the Klinkhammer Group has been one of the leading suppliers of turnkey intralogistics systems. The logistics software DC21 developed by Klinkhammer has been successful and stable in use for 15 years.

About the Klinkhammer Group
As independent intralogistics expert, the Klinkhammer Group realized solutions for all branches of industry and company sizes and has been one of the leading providers in Germany for more than 40 years. The spectrum of services ranges from optimizing warehouses and expanding plants to building completely new centers of distribution. The Klinkhammer Group sees itself as lifetime partner from analysis and planning to software development and turnkey delivery – including “All-round care” package thanks to the Service24 concept. Software solutions such as the KlinkWARE® Warehouse Management System and the ConVis visualization program allow the Klinkhammer customers an efficient and simple way of working. With its 360° approach, the Klinkhammer Group offers its customers solutions that are tailored optimally to the respective requirements which are investment and future-proof.

About AK Warehouse Solutions
As part of the Klinkhammer Group the die AK Warehouse Solutions GmbH focuses on the development and optimization of KlinkWARE®, the new generation of the DC21 warehouse management system. The logistics software DC21 has been successful and in long-lasting use in more than hundred systems for more than 15 years. Continuously further developed, extended and adapted, it represents the trend-setting solution in the field of warehouse management and material flow control for big corporations and small companies in the branches of trade, production, food or automotive. The new generation sets standards in terms of speed and intuitive operation and is a pioneer for the lean touchscreen operation. The annual validation by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics underlines and emphasizes performance and quality of DC21 and of the new generation KlinkWARE®. 

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