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Handheld radio transmission

Handheld radio transmission is a variant of guiding operators during the movement of materials. Alternatively, operator guidance can be also ensured by voice control or forklift terminals. The terminals are appropriate for complete processing activities (Riegler, AKF ...) or also for emergency concepts, just like with Dräxlmaier. Handheld radio transmission applications are integrated logically into the entire flow of goods and data, i.e. from goods receiving incl. acquisition of product and loading auxiliary data to loading shipping units on trucks. Storage, order picking and stocktaking are transaction classics.

Handheld radio transmission with benefits
The benefits of handheld RF-terminals are their mobility and the comprehensive dialog behaviour which e.g. voice terminals do not dispose of. Additional information can be displayed and entered without great cost of effort for the operator. Disadvantageous are the sometimes large and thus cumbersome devices during the use of which operators do not have their hands free. The functions of the handheld RF-terminals are based on the DC21 layer model and thus on standard functions available to all front-end systems. Consequently, these functions offer a high degree of maturity and good adaptability.

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