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Handling devices

These devices are mostly used for handling totes or similar packaging units for stacking or destacking. Not only industrial robots are used, but also self-designed portals which can be traversed in several axes.

Handling devices seamlessly integrated
Our MFC (material flow computer) communicates either directly with the control systems or with the devices via the lower-level control of the connected conveyors. At BIG and Lantmännen, robots are used which stack cardboard boxes from production lines onto pallets. Each packaging unit is commissioned stating the packaging pattern and hence palletized by the device. At BIG, the article and the associated cardboard box type are notified, at Lantmännen, each cardboard box features a barcode label which is scanned when the box is delivered to the robot. Portal devices are employed at Dräxlmaier. Here, the totes are depalletized from stacks onto pallets or shipping containers are stacked onto pallets and support frames. In this case as well, corresponding stacking patterns are created by sequencing (order picking sequence) as different container quantities entail different stacking schemes. The handling devices in the JIT/JIS warehouses are designed redundantly to be able to continue (de-)palletising and sequencing when a device fails. At Dräxlmaier, both devices are used simultaneously - one for depalletizing, one for palletising. In case of a failure, automatic storage is no longer continued and the device takes on the tasks for automatic shipping.

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