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Compact warehouse

For small parts or bulky, long parts compact storage systems are an ideal possibility to store many goods on little space and to make maximum use of this space. Compact storage systems extend over several building levels and can be also operated from there - the utilization of space does not extend in the surface, but in the height. Several operators on different levels can log on one device and store goods and remove goods from stock. This way, goods receiving can be done separately from order picking and the mutual interference or influence can be reduced. Factory workshops and work stations on different floors/levels can be linked directly. It is also possible to supply and lead away material by means of conveyors connected. Laser pointers (as used at Hoffmann and Riegler) visualize to the worker where the material has to be deposited during goods receiving. When order picking, the process takes place likewise. This is made possible by a very small grid pattern of the trays. Equally, a tray can be configured also for usage of free spaces (Spinner), this means that also bulky and cumbrous parts can be stored and also stacked into each other. The display at the compact storage system guides the user to the articles and orders by providing additional information.

Best utilization of space: Compact storage system
The compact storage system allows storing goods optimally in height and thus using the storage tower at its best. By announcing the storage position (close or distant to the delivery opening), DC21 can assign an ABC-rating to the tray and thus perform a turnover-oriented ABC distribution when storing the goods and thus benefit from the storage strategies. The software considers a compact storage system as an aisle with automatic storage and retrieval crane and corresponding handover positions. Consequently, all optimizations of material flow control can also be found here.

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