Material Flow and System Layout - Smart Solutions for Complex Processes

Once analysing the data has been completed, the concept is described in a material flow plan and the system layout is designed and visualized using the latest CAD tools during the project planning phase. Based on the material flow and the layout it is easy to understand how the functional areas interact. During this phase, it is possible to make corrections and optimizations to allow for changing market conditions.

Project Planning and Realization

The material flow planning and the system layout help optimize and visualize space consumption, minimize throughput times and point out efficient flows of material.

System layout and material flow

  • Warehouse types with capacity
  • Automated warehouse control concepts with goods-in and goods-out performance according to the FEM9.851 directive
  • Conveyors and material flow computer
  • Buffer capacities
  • Work stations (incoming goods, order picking, dispatch preparation)

Civil engineering

  • Load diagram for floor plates
  • Load calculation for ceiling suspensions
  • Determination of wall breakthroughs
  • Fire protection (sprinkler systems, inertization, etc.)


If everything has been clarified and completed successfully, the concept is discussed in detail with the architect and the people in charge of construction, building technology and fire prevention.

In this phase of the project

  • Technical specifications,
  • Dimensioning calculations,
  • Tender documents,
  • Calculations of staff required,
  • Budgets and
  • Time schedules

are established. Then, the invitation to tender follows as last step of the planning phase. Here as well, Klinkhammer offers a wide range of competences and detailed industry expertise – so that visions turn into reality.

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