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Intelligently extended with Klinkhammer

Bad Urach: Ordered today, supplied to the customer the next morning – this promise is one of the fundamentals for the success of the compressed air and pneumatics specialist Riegler. To optimally adapt the intralogistics processes to future requirements, the logistics center of Riegler in Bad Urach has been extended by a state-of-the-art, automatic small parts warehouse in the existing building.

In addition to optimized processes, it provides additional storage capacity and growth in the existing areas without the need for additional staff. A work platform for order picking, including a pallet transfer station in the warehouse pre-zone, ensures smooth processes in the order picking and replenishment areas. All existing warehouse areas are connected to the automatic small parts warehouse and the order picking platform by conveyors.

While searching for a solution, Klinkhammer examined a wide range of alternatives such as lift warehouse, automatic small parts warehouse and other small parts storage solutions. The variants were analyzed for advantages and disadvantages, investment costs, capacity and performance limits as well as personnel and space requirements. The decision was then made in favor of an automatic, two-aisle small parts warehouse with order picking platform

One clever detail is the flexible container division. When additional storage capacity is required, storage containers can be divided several times. Thus, much space is saved when small parts are stored. In addition, two lift warehouses are available for c-small parts.The warehouse extension comprises a highly dynamic container conveyor technology which connects the new automatic small parts warehouse to all other storage areas. The shelf system is also replenished via conveyor technology from the automatic small parts warehouse, the manual pallet warehouse or directly from the goods receiving area. The booking to the target storage location in the shelf system is performed by means of radio data terminals. The Klinkhammer warehouse management system and the material flow computer control the warehouse management. The visualization software can clearly locate all load carriers on the conveyors at any time. The system is connected to the remote service and is monitored centrally and supported by the Klinkhammer Service24.

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