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Output increased and storage capacity almost doubled

Perschmann, system supplier for quality tools, expands its intralogistics together with Klinkhammer. Highly efficient same-day delivery through automation.

Nuremberg/Braunschweig, Germany (07/2021) – With more than 85,000 items in its catalogue and e-shop, Hch. Perschmann GmbH together with Hoffmann Group offer Europe’s largest tool logistics.

Together they are Europe’s leading system partner for quality tools in the B2B sector today. With a delivery capability of more than 99% and a delivery accuracy of 99.9% within 24 hours throughout Germany and within 48 hours Europe-wide, the company ensures highest supply reliability and is therefore uniquely positioned in the market.

Growing product variety, new product lines
Due to the large product variety and the strong increase in order volume, the company extends its logistics center by another hall. In addition, new product lines shall be established on the market, for example in the field of work clothing and occupational safety. For this purpose, the storage capacity for bin and pallet goods will be increased by 80%. The order quantities which can be processed in the warehouse will also be increased by around 40% as a result of the extension, based on extensive automation and intelligent connection to the existing intralogistics. Klinkhammer Intralogistics GmbH in Nuremberg, one of the leading material flow and intralogistics specialists in Germany, was awarded the contract for the complete implementation of this project.

Automation for more efficiency
With a new 2-storey shelving system and order picking using pick-by-voice, a new shipping and packing facility, an automated order consolidation buffer and a voice-controlled manual pallet warehouse, Klinkhammer not only ensures smooth processes, but also increases storage capacity and performance of the entire system. The use of pick-by-voice increases productivity and further reduces the error rate. Storage capacity in the shelving system is increased by an additional 5,600 shelves. The automated order consolidation buffer, which also serves as an empty bin buffer, has a storage capacity of about 1,300 bins. Further logistics areas at the location in Braunschweig such as wide- and narrow-aisle forklift storage as well as special processing will also be connected to the conveyors in the new hall.

Highly efficient processing of same-day orders
„With the warehouse investment, we not only increase our productivity significantly, but we also gain more space for the steadily growing portfolio of the quality tools offered“, explains Michael Uphaus, member of the executive board at Perschmann. „We are thus setting a further milestone in terms of our service promise. The short total lead time enables us to process same-day orders in a highly efficient manner.“

Up to 3,500 parcels per day
In the future, up to 3,500 parcels per day will leave the shipping and packing areas of the new logistics hall. In addition to connecting the truck transporting the single parcels, two additional removal lines for the dispatch of parcels using pallets or mail trolleys are planned. The material flow control of Klinkhammer ensures the correct sequence and the correct time for delivery of the picking bins to the 24 packing stations. The storage areas automated by Klinkhammer are controlled by the material flow control of Klinkhammer ensuring efficient and coordinated processes in an automated environment. The control center always keeps an eye on its automated system via the system visualization KlinkVISION. KlinkVISION displays the system in dynamic overviews and always shows the user the current status of all system areas up to sensor level, enabling fast alarm diagnosis in the warehouse and minimizing downtimes.

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