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KlinkWARE: WMS with Flexboard and innovative user interface

Klinkhammer presents new generation of warehouse management software – more productive due to interactive dialogues.

Nuremberg (06/2022) – For the first time, the intralogistics system integrator Klinkhammer presented the new graphical user interface and interaction logic of its warehouse management software KlinkWARE 11 at the logistics fair LogiMAT.

It brings the user-friendliness known from smartphones to the industrial environment. The customizable Klinkhammer Flexboard for monitoring performance indicators is easy to configure and has a flexible structure. Klinkhammer will exhibit in Hall 1 at Booth C56.

The software is the core of each Klinkhammer logistics system. With KlinkWARE 11, the software receives a new graphical user interface and flexible dashboard, the Klinkhammer Flexboard. In addition, the most modern programming technology is used through the web framework Blazor. This makes user interactions easier. For the new software, Klinkhammer placed particular emphasis on ease of use and a quickly comprehensible interaction logic. New UX methods have not only been introduced for the customized Klinkhammer Flexboards to monitor the KPIs. The intuitive user interface has been implemented in the interaction dialogues of the picking stations and the stacker control system as well, increasing productivity and employee motivation. Thus, the warehouse management software and material flow control KlinkWARE 11 optimizes handling during order picking and storage, shortens throughput times and lowers shipping costs.

Flexible dashboards – Flexboard
The new Klinkhammer Flexboard, is one of the most important tools to visualize the results of data analyzes as required and at a glance in graphics. It shows important key figures of the logistics center and offers deviation overviews and comparisons. Weak points are quickly found. The Klinkhammer Flexboard offers 3 particularities. On the one hand, it is easy to configure, because individual views of the data can be added and removed at any time using drag and drop. On the other hand, the user can click deeper into details directly from the dashboard to quickly check anomalies and to get to the bottom of the cause. Walks to the control room are avoided because the dashboard is also available on tablets and smartphones. Thus, information can be retrieved on the go at any point in the system.

User experience – UX strategies
Professional user experience designers and extensive UX strategies ensure a homogeneous quality of the designs and dialogues. Hereby, Klinkhammer uses tried and tested UX methods, from user analysis to UI, graphic and UI icon design to guidelines and the resulting programming of the interaction and process logic. The basis for the reprogramming is the Blazor technology based on Html and CSS.

KlinkWARE 11 covers from incoming goods to dispatch almost all industries, from e-commerce to manufacturing.

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