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Klinkhammer designed automated TTI distribution centre

Klinkhammer supplies intelligence for extensions of the automated TTI distribution centre

Nuremberg (09/2020) – With around 6,700 employees and 133 branch offices worldwide, TTI Inc. is one of the leading global distributors for passive, discrete and electromechanical components as well as performance, sensor and connector components. At the European headquarters in Maisach near Munich, Klinkhammer equips work station and conveyor extensions as well as a new, third shuttle aisle with control technology and the Klinkhammer warehouse management system including material flow computer.

TTI focuses on different warehouse systems in order to offer optimal storage conditions for very different articles with many different packaging variants and requirements. At the European headquarters, around 100,000 articles of the product range are permanently available in stock on a storage area of 35,000 m2 in order to supply customers worldwide with components just in time. Thereby, the smooth interaction of the storage systems is extremely important. Klinkhammer now also networks the current extensions of the storage and order picking systems with a uniform control technology and with Klinkhammer’s comprehensive warehouse management system including material flow computer.

The existing systems integrated shelf storage, lift, auto store, shuttle and forklift-operated pallet storage systems as well as conveyors and 75 packaging stations. The 2-aisle shuttle warehouse with level-bound shuttles and around 11,000 container storage locations is now being extended by a third shuttle aisle. It serves as order consolidation buffer and is connected to packing stations by conveyors across two flows. In addition to the third aisle, the warehouse management system is extended by 4 incoming goods stations, 24 order picking stations with put-to-light display modules and 6 packing stations. The modular structure of the warehouse management software, the uniform control technology KlinCONTROL® as well as the intelligent visualization system KlinkVISION® ensure highest performance and transparency of the overall system.

In addition, Klinkhammer is responsible for the overall system across all systems and operates a hotline. The Service24 provides hotline, remote maintenance, on-call service as well as a supply of spare parts. The hotline offers help for all systems and takes care of the coordination with other system manufacturers.

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