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Klinkhammer receives order from Hans Müller HMP Medizintechnik GmbH for warehouse automation

Nuremberg - Fuerth, 16.05.2023: Hans Müller HMP Medizintechnik GmbH is a medium-sized in-dependent specialist dealer and homecare specialist committed to providing patients with the highest standard of medical care outside the hospital. The company has grown steadily since its foundation in 2007 and is now part of Messer Medical Homecare. Hans Müller HMP Medizin-technik GmbH contracted the intralogistics system integrator Klinkhammer with logistics plan-ning and subsequently with the implementation of the warehouse technology and software for its new logistics location in Fuerth.

The company's portfolio includes respiratory and oxygen equipment, inhalation and suction equipment or therapy and diagnostic equipment for the medical support of sleep apnoea patients as well as premature and newborn babies. But the range also includes tube and sip feeds or products for wound and drainage incontinence care. Hans Müller HMP Medizintechnik GmbH employs around 200 people at several locations throughout Germany.

In order to make the logistics future-oriented, a move to a new building with an automated logistics system was planned. After a comprehensive logistics planning, the decision was made for the new location in Fuerth for a three-storey shelving system with space for approx. 9000 container storage locations, in the size 600x400mm. In terms of conveyor technology, it is designed for station picking with 6 stations and buffer locations in order to optimally utilise the space situation. Both the goods receiving stations and the packing stations are connected to the racking system via conveyor technology. For fast-moving items, there is a separate racking area for palletised goods. With this automation, a tripling of the current logistical throughput is possible. In future, up to 1,000 consignments a day will be processed from the warehouse, most of which will be sent as parcels or packages. In addition to providing equipment and supplies, the company has a service area where equipment is cleaned, disinfected, tested and repaired. For this purpose, approx. 250 additional withdrawals from the spare parts warehouse are required daily. The warehouse management software and material flow control system KlinkWARE 11 is connected to the ERP system optimised for medical products and controls all processes in the warehouse. For the future, an increase of the assortment to up to 10,000 articles is expected.

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