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Goods-to-Person automation system

Klinkhammer and GreyOrange sign partnership

Klinkhammer Intralogistics GmbH, headquartered in Nuremberg and GreyOrange, with regional headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, have concluded a partnership agreement for the distribution, implementation and the service support of the products of GreyOrange.

Klinkhammer is continuing its growth course, thereby extending its solution portfolio by the mobile sortation robot and the Goods-to-Person system of GreyOrange. The autonomous mobile robots are able to lift racks of up to 2.40 m heights and to transport them to the order picker. Currently, Klinkhammer is the sole integrator for this technology in the German-speaking countries.

The GreyOrange Goods-to-Person automation system is specifically tailored to the requirements of retailers or service providers. Klinkhammer integrates the system into logistics systems, linking diverse innovative storage types and controlling the material flow from goods receipt to shipping. As a system integrator or general contractor, Klinkhammer develops an overall logistics concept and digitizes the systems with the comprehensive warehouse management software KlinkWARE.

The outstanding advantage of the system is the extreme flexibility and scalability. The GreyOrange system grows with the order situation as its capacity and performance can simply be expanded by adding racks and robots. In dynamically growing markets such as Omni-Channel commerce, fulfillment or for third party logistics providers it is an important factor in investment decisions. The racking system is independent of any loading aids, because cartons, hanging goods or unpacked goods can directly be stored in the racking system. A flexible adaptation of mobile racks to product range changes or article dimensions is possible in a few steps.

„GreyOrange is introducing the innovative automated Goods-to-Person system into this partnership while we are contributing state-of-the art integration concepts, their digital networking and the on-site service”, explains Hagen Schumann, Vice President Sales and Consulting at Klinkhammer. „Klinkhammer has a solution-orientated approach and a strong expertise across warehouse automation. The partnership will strengthen our regional presence and help European companies to master the demands of modern order fulfillment. We are looking forward to the cooperation with Klinkhammer, sharing our passion for technology and robotics”, adds Dieter Berz-Voege, CEO EMEA & LATAM at GreyOrange. The GreyOrange solution is a very flexible and scalable system comprising robots, pick-/put stations and mobile racks. Thus, it can easily be integrated into existing material flows.

The overall system is controlled by intelligent software in order to pick a maximum number of articles with a minimum number of shelf rides and shortest routes. Entire racks are driven to the workstations using robots equipped with laser picking aids and put-to-light bars. The robot thus saves long and tedious routes with heavy trolleys through the warehouse.

GreyOrange was founded in 2011. Its headquarters is in the USA and it has regional branches in Germany, Japan, Singapore and India. Three state-of-the-art research and development centers are located in the USA, India and Singapore. As global manufacturer of automation software and robots, GreyOrange helps companies to optimize speed, precision and cost for distribution and fulfillment centers. The experience of more than 70 installations was included into the development activities.

Klinkhammer Intralogistics is a specialist for optimized logistics processes. From the innovative logistics concept and installation of the warehouse technology right through to trendsetting software Klinkhammer offers all services from one source. As independent intralogistics expert with an international focus, Klinkhammer has been one of the leading providers in Europe for almost 50 years. With its 360° philosophy the company sees itself as lifetime partner from analysis and planning to software development and turnkey delivery – including all-round support thanks to the Service24 concept. Our customers can always trust in our neutral overall assessment taking into account all relevant market trends.

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