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Intuitive System Visualization with Integrated Maintenance Tool

Nuremberg (03/2013) - With KlinkVISION®, the Klinkhammer Group presents a new intelligent diagnosis and maintenance tool. The innovative Maintenance Tool with operating life oriented maintenance indicator supports the operating and service staff with preventive maintenance activities.

Nuremberg (03/2017) - With KlinkVISION®, an intelligent diagnosis and maintenance tool, the Klinkhammer Group presents a new software generation in the field of system visualization. The innovative Maintenance Tool with operating life oriented maintenance indicator supports the operating and service staff with preventive maintenance activities.

Minimizing downtimes through fast alarm diagnosis
In many branches of industry, subcontractors are more than ever obliged to supply components just-in-time, sometimes even to-the-minute, to the assembly lines. In order to comply with the narrow time frames, extensive emergency concepts and strategies are developed. Thus, it is at least equally important to diagnose and eliminate malfunctions in automated logistics systems quickly and reliably. The transparent tool KlinkVISION® with maintenance function, which is linked to the system controller, increases system reliability and minimizes downtimes. 

Real-time data analysis and remote maintenance
Numerous service activities, for which in the past an on-site stay was necessary, nowadays may be performed via remote maintenance using KlinkVISION®. All Klinkhammer systems are connected to the Remote Service and are monitored and support from a central head office. A consistent IT structure with safe, encrypted data connections guarantees data integrity. The use of KlinkVISION® allows the operating staff to identify irregularities before a breakdown of the system occurs. Sensors provide data on the state of the machines and systems and can be analyzed in combination with error messages and statistics. 

Klinkhammer Maintenance Tool with operating life oriented maintenance indicator
Thanks to the KlinkVISION®-Maintenance Tool, preventive maintenance activities are carried out exactly according to the operational performance and service life. Diagnostic systems monitor the condition of the system components. The technicians intervene exactly at the time when necessary and not when an error has already occurred. Forward-looking, anticipated maintenance optimizes the maintenance times in the long run and ensures the availability of an automated logistics system. The new KlinkVISION® Maintenance Tool does not only log operating data. It also indicates - depending on the operating performance of the devices - upcoming maintenance activities that can be performed by the user to guarantee the system availability at any time. Beyond that, service life oriented maintenance activities such as e.g. checking the conductor lines and carbon brushes of an automatic storage and retrieval crane are signalized in good time. Additionally, KlinkVISION® evaluates the operating hours of storage and retrieval cranes, lifters or transfer cars on daily basis or based on operating hours and visualizes them by a colour-coded time bar. The system displays maintenance cycles for single components such as drive and lifting unit, aisle equipment or load handling attachments of an automatic storage and retrieval crane. This allows a preventive maintenance to be carried out exactly according to the operational performance. Acknowledgement of the maintenance activities is provided with a comment function to ensure documentation of the activity carried out. The recommended maintenance specifications are available at any time thanks to the maintenance schedules saved by Klinkhammer and are used to guarantee the system availability. 

Unsurpassed user convenience on all levels
As to user convenience, KlinkVISION® sets another milestone as well. The extendable and retractable toolbars and the navigation both together ensure that the operator always has an optimum overview of his system. A new cockpit view is available to the user showing the most important functions. This cockpit view allows carrying out and confirming actions directly. The new, intuitive design and standardized views support a fast error diagnosis and correction of errors. The notification function offers quick information via SMS or email. 

Detail views down to sensor and drive level
Detail views adjustable in size help to monitor conveyor sections, storage locations and warehouse vehicles down to the sensor and drive level. The Klinkhammer visualization system KlinkVISION® portrays the system in dynamized overview screens. The user may view the current condition and location of the goods to be conveyed at any time. 

Live monitoring and mobile touch panels
Thanks to modern camera technology it is even possible to realize a live monitoring of the conveyor section. In case of an error or malfunction, the camera automatically shows the conveyor section concerned. With this direct visualization it is possible to ensure an even more quick error analysis via KlinkVISION®. If the operating staff needs help, the Klinkhammer 24/7 hotline service team, which has access to all KlinkVISION® functions, may intervene and offer support directly via remote maintenance. Another advantage of the system visualization offered by the Klinkhammer Group are the variants for tablet PCs and smartphones as mobile touch version. These options allow the operating staff to have everything under control and to take appropriate action immediately even when being outside the master control station. 

Modern, lean control concept of the system
With KlinkVISION®, all load carriers, whether on the conveyors or in the high-bay racking system, can be identified and localized clearly and unambiguously. The integrated sensors and drives in the transport control system help that malfunctions can be detected and remedied clearly and quickly. On long conveyor sections with a large number of pallets, the precise position identification and thus a fast alarm diagnosis are guaranteed. In KlinkVISION®, a manual intervention and modification of the destination position is possible at any time. The data-oriented transport control system avoids data offsets and enhances system reliability and transparency. The combined control concept maximizes the operational safety especially in demanding environments such as is the case in e-commerce. 

Predictive analysis with KlinkVISION®
Techniques that ensure predictive analysis are on the rise. Based on the experiences Klinkhammer gathered in many automated warehouses, the integrated maintenance tool of KlinkVISION® and the intelligent search in operating data and error messages allow gaining additional insights to further optimize the individual systems.

The highlights of KlinkVISION®:
• Integrated maintenance tool
• User-oriented maintenance display
• Intuitive structure
• Fast alarm diagnosis
• Highest user comfort
• Detail views down to sensor and drive levels
• Live monitoring
• Real-time data and remote maintenance 
• Mobile version with touch panels

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