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Haus Rabenhorst prepares for its future growth with the latest WMS KlinkWARE®

Nuremberg / Anhausen (08/2018) – Haus Rabenhorst commissions the Klinkhammer Group to optimize the logistics processes and to connect the central warehouse and the external warehouses with the new warehouse management software KlinkWARE®. The aim is to digitalize the processes and to administer all logistics locations in one software in order to significantly increase the transparency and efficiency in the warehouse.

The existing Klinkhammer warehouse management software in the automated high-bay warehouse is connected to the new software generation KlinkWARE® and the new logistics center in Anhausen as well as the manual external warehouses are administered by KlinkWARE®. KlinkWARE® with its Microsoft SQL server database is connected to the existing ERP system. 

Haus Rabenhorst stands for brand products with more than 200 years of experience in the direct juice sector. Besides fruit juices, Haus Rabenhorst offers at their location in Unkel a wide range of natural food pastry and food products for people with intolerances.More than 1200 tons of berries, 1400 tons of apples and 250 tons of cherries are processed into approx. 10 million liters of direct juice every year which is distributed and exported via health food stores, pharmacies, natural food stores, food retail trade and drugstores. If all Rabenhorst bottles from the high-bay warehouse were placed next to each other, they would cover a distance of 210 km. 

The growth of Rabenhorst and the further expansion of the market position resulted in a continuous increase of the order volume and increasing capacity requirements in the warehouse. Overall, 420 juices and smoothies, which differ in pack size, bottle size and labeling, are stored. Added to this are 130 articles of pasta products and baked goods as well as different display packages, which are located at external service providers in external warehouses. 

Whereas until now the current Klinkhammer software was only responsible for the administration and control of the automatic flow-through storage system in Unkel, from now on KlinkWARE® will be rolled out for the entire goods receipt processing and order picking. The flow-through warehouse is integrated as well as additional 3500 storage spaces and order picking stations in the logistics center Anhausen. Two further external warehouses at service providers are partly connected online and partly via EDI. KlinkWARE® will not only implement the requirements of the food retail trade, e.g. the compliance with batches and best-before dates, but also multilevel supply chains, among others, which visualize display production and special processing. 

KlinkWARE® extends its database range by the Microsoft SQL server in order to ensure a cost-effective performance. Due to a scalable, hybrid database platform in which features such as the internal working memory performance, extended safety and internal database analysis are integrated, the Microsoft SQL server is ideally suited for complex requirements of a warehouse management system. 

Management of multiple warehouses 
KlinkWARE® manages several external warehouses. The manually operated external warehouses are own as well as external replenishment warehouses at forwarding agencies and wholesalers, which either directly supply the regional trade or shipment can be carried out centrally from a warehouse by consolidating orders. Thus, each article can be stored and handled in any of the different warehouses. Due to the possibility of storing the articles in any warehouse, the external warehouses serve as overflow areas for articles which cannot be stored in the headquarters because of the storage capacity. Thus it is possible to split up larger production batches, outsource the overstock and ship it directly. 

Numbers and facts 

  • Warehouse management software KlinkWARE® incl. material flow calculator
  • Pallet flow racks in the automated pallet high-bay warehouse with 2 automated storage and retrieval cranes
  • Manual pallet rack spaces and shelving rack 
  • Ground storage spaces in block storage formation External warehouse with ground storage spaces
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