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BESTSELLER and Klinkhammer enters into a partnership

Order from Bestseller for a high-tech logistics center with Exotec shuttle robots

Nürnberg/Taulov, DK (11/2021) – BESTSELLER, the international fashion company with brands such as JACK & JONES, ONLY and VERO MODA is setting an example in terms of speed, availability, and flexibility with the construction of a high-tech logistics center including Exotec shuttle robots and automated carton and pallet handling.

With more than 20 individual fashion brands, BESTSELLER offers a broad range of fashion clothing and accessories for children, young, and adults around the world. BESTSELLER has 17,000 employees worldwide. The automated small-parts warehouse planned for the logistics location in Taulov in Denmark is designed for picking clothes for BESTSELLERs many customers. The Exotec-system is connected to dispatch by carton, container, and pallet conveyors. A high degree of automation in carton handling with erector, volume reducer and sealer as well as labelling reduces throughput time. Bestseller opted for Klinkhammer as system integrator and the Exotec-system because it can flexibly adapt to changing products, variants, order situations and order structures. The shuttle robots form an intelligent combination of freely navigating vehicles for transporting containers on floor level and vertically moving shuttles within a shelf. KlinkWARE is used to control the material flow.

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