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Jürgen Kaiser Geiger Notes AG

Automated buffer storage for calendars

Geiger Notes AG commissions Klinkhammer with the optimization of its pallet handling.

Geiger Notes AG, a leading manufacturer of paper promotional items such as calendars, notebooks and sticky notes commissions the intralogistics specialist Klinkhammer with forward-looking logistics planning and the implementation of an automated pallet handling from production to dispatch.

In order to optimally handle seasonal peaks, the primary goal of the new solution is the most efficient automated pallet conveyor technology possible, including load securing, automated labeling and DTS-connection. With annual sales of 29 million euros, the company supplies 15 million calendars, notebooks and sticky notes annually with the quality „Made in Germany“ and thus proves that Germany is a successful production location. Paper and cardboard consumption is around 5,000 tons per year. The material flow technology now commissioned will be put into operation in autumn 2022.

In order to meet the order volume of around 200,000 deliveries per year, the new logistics system comprises an automated pallet conveyor system with 8 buffer lanes, a driverless transport system (DTS) for pallets as well as an automated pallet wrapper and labeler. At 10 production transfer points, pallets are taken over by the driverless transport system and transported to the goods issue on the transfer conveyor system. Since production takes place in three shifts, a buffer option for pallets from production for further consolidation is particularly important. Several pallets belonging together for an order or a later delivery by truck are temporarily stored on buffer lanes on a platform according to selection criteria. A contour and height control as well as a weighing cell for overweight control protect the platform lifter against overload and overhang. Loads of consolidated pallets are secured using an integrated, automated stretcher.

The material flow control of Klinkhammer supports block-by-block retrieval of the shipment ready for dispatch from the buffer storage. The system visualization KlinkVISION enables a transparent overview and fast alarm diagnosis in the system. „With the investment in dispatch automation, we are increasing our capacities and the dynamics and productivity of order processing”, explains Jürgen Kaiser, CEO at Geiger-Notes AG. „This is a good basis for further growth and an even better and more effective delivery to our customers. “

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