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Warehouse Management Software

An effective and efficient warehouse logistics bases always on three elements: these are the logistics system, the software used and the human factor. Our Warehouse Management Software offers you the possibility of achieving great improvements both in the software segment and in the human sphere of influence. Our KlinkWARE® software is intuitive and easy to operate, offers an outstanding working speed and easily integrates into the most different IT landscapes. It guarantees transparency and provides comprehensive modules for planning and controlling processes effectively.

Advantages of a Warehouse Management Software

Easy integration thanks to steady improvements

As our Warehouse Management Software KlinkWARE® was developed on the most recent, open technology platforms it can be easily integrated into existing IT landscapes and is also available as web application. Klinkhammer does not only supply the Warehouse Management Software, but offers also accompanying services to support customers optimally when optimizing processes or performance. A comprehensive support and service 24/7 takes workload off our customers in all issues relating to IT operations and ensures an optimum availability of the system. With our Warehouse Management Software we assist our customers to be always one step ahead a make available professional systems for planning and controlling your logistics system: because short delivery times and a high delivery quality are important factors for competitiveness, no matter if it is about returns processing, voice-controlled order picking or special processing.

Warehouse Management Software: Easy and user-friendly operation

An important factor of a Warehouse Management Software is its operation and working speed. Here, different operation levels are kept in mind. Hence, the working steps for the executing warehouse staff must be easy and fast to carry out whereas for planning and strategic use primarily the diversity of possibilities convinces. With our Warehouse Management Software KlinkWARE® we developed an efficient solution for both problems as the system can be used on different user levels. For the warehouse, our Warehouse Management Software is optimized for the use on touch screens and consequently guarantees trouble-free, easy and fast use also during the hectic rush on weekdays.

Warehouse Management Software: Simplified processes and shorter distances to go

Using the WRX-adapter, our Warehouse Management Software is able to communicate with various ERP, shipping and special systems. For an optimal connection to your existing systems our software offers a comprehensive interface which allows transferring data safely and quickly. Klinkhammer assumes complex migration and connection processes for you. Thus, our Warehouse Management Software provides an acceleration of many relevant processes and is able to enhance and optimize sustainably the work processes of your intralogistics. To guarantee efficiency and performance of our Warehouse Management Software we have the software validated annually by the Fraunhofer Institute for Materials Flow and Logistics. Additionally, the Warehouse Management Software can be adapted easily to your system and requirements such that an optimum solution that fits can be found for each company and logistics size, no matter if it's a manually operated or fully automated warehouse. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the appropriate component or in configuring your personal Warehouse Management Software module for your company and your warehouse management on the highest level.

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