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Tray warehouse

In an automatic tray warehouse, stable sheet metal or plastic trays are used as load carrier. The trays feature surrounding edges and - where necessary -special inlays ensuring that the goods cannot shift. Given that the storage units on the trays usually vary considerably in size, packaging and weight, the demands on a tray warehouse are very high.The typical field of application is the storage of small-volume articles in many different packaging units.

Trays may be divided up into different segments and equipped with different division elements. They offer an optimum utilization of space and a high degree of flexibility when storing products of different sizes and weights. Trays can be different in size and divided as required. Likewise, the heights of the loads can be laid out differently. The operator may use the tray surface as individually needed.

The automatic tray warehouses made by Klinkhammer offer you a maximum degree of flexibility and functionality when storing totes, cardboard boxes and other products featuring different weights and dimensions. The basis of the system is a conventional storage and retrieval crane (AS/RS) or shuttle system which is equipped with an appropriate load handling attachment (combi-telescope or telescopic device).

The trays have an own identification number and are ideally suited for the internal flow of materials as they are stable in structure, always have the same size and thus can be transported automatically without any problems. Thanks to the standardized size an automatic storage and the optimum utilization of the storage space are easy to realize as well.


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