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Lower-level control

Whether automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), distribution vehicles, pallet or container conveyor systems, sorters, etc. - the programmable controllers (PLC) with largely standardized control modules ensure optimum transportation of the goods to their destination. With the ConVis visualization system, the Klinkhammer Group developed a highly efficient and multilingual multi-user system.

The lower-level control has numerous tasks
The tasks of the lower-level control consist in measuring (signal evaluation, controlling (achieving nominal values) and regulating (adhering nominal values). By programming the controllers, further, higher performances are provided such as the routing capability. When the PLC receives a new destination at a reporting point, hence the latter is interpreted for the turning decision. The result: target tracking. The communication with the higher-level control (MFC) is reduced by the fact that not all direction indications have to be communicated, but position data is transported with the goods- nothing but logistic decision points are relevant. This modern control principle is not only used in conveyor technology, but also for storage and retrieval cranes that incorporate more and more complex components (such as multiple load handling attachments). The MFC communicates with the lower-level controls via TCP/IP using a handshake principle. The protocol, i.e. acknowledgment principle, telegram structure, etc. has been standardized and proven for years; it is safe and reliable.

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