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... and present the most various solutions in this section. From system and materials flow control, radio data transmission via "Pick-by-Voice" to specific applications such as AGV (automated guided vehicle systems), automatic supply buffers, channel storage systems or "Muli" satellite vehicle systems. Keep discovering new highlights in our materials flow glossary.

What are reaching-through storage and retrieval cranes?

For warehouses with high performance and high availability - notably in the automotive industry - technology and software can be designed such that a shelf row between two AS/RS can be operated by both devices. This is the case at Dräxlmaier and Imperial.

Reaching-through storage and retrieval cranes - ideal for granting high performance
Each time a transport order for storage or stock removal exists, the DC21 system determines the AS/RS which is available and currently not processing an order and which is able to reach the source position. Next, the target position is determined; it is also possible that several stock removal lanes exist which have different availabilities. Besides the maximum exploitation of the system performance of the automatic small parts warehouse thus also a performance distribution within the warehouse occurs. The same applies to relocations that can take place within one shelf / rack or even diagonally between racks - as dynamically as the utilization rate. If one crane fails, the order is allocated automatically and without switching process only to the device which is available. Thus, redundancy is also ensured in the warehouse and reacts even to minor irregularities.

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