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Radio measurement

When planning the use of wireless components (such as e.g. hand-held terminals, forklift terminals, etc.) in order picking warehouses, attention has to be paid to a safe and stable WLAN network quality. The optimum installation points and installation distances of the access points in the warehouse are determined by means of radio measurements and based on the subsequent analysis activities. This ensures optimum signal ranges without disturbing indifferences for the future warehouse operation. The result of the radio measurements and the analysis software applied leads to the warehouse layout being completed by the adding the necessary sites of the access points to the drawing.

Radio measurement defines the optimum site
This is also the decisive factor for cabling and installation. A radio measurement is most accurate in warehouses filled with goods as load carriers and products partly have an amplifying, but may have also a shielding effect on the wireless network. All the more it is important for us to know exactly the products and transport goods of our customers.

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