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PicKom – the mobile order picking solution

The principle:
The PicKom concept decouples the logistic function of "order picking" from the logistic function of "provision/buffering". This separation is the key distinguishing factor from other conventional systems and contributes to a great extent to profitability.

Components of PicKom - the mobile order picking solution
Order picking frame to accommodate 9 order totes with a max. size of 600 x 400 x 300mm. (3 levels featuring 3 totes each). For economic reasons, the levels are slightly inclined. The maximum weight per each tote amounts to 20kg. Warehouse management and control system DC21: thanks to the freely programmable formation of batches this system allows an efficient multi order picking. Intelligent mobile supporting frame to accommodate the order picking frame: this supporting frame is equipped with a controller for process control, displays for 9 compartments and a bar code reader including power supply unit (battery and charger).

Advantages at one glance:
1. High picking performance per worker thanks to multi-order picking
2. Route and picking time optimization as well as ergonomic handling
3. Flexibly adjustable to changing order and article structures
4. Scalable from the entry-level solution up to systems with a high overall performance
5. Simple operation, thus requiring only minimal training and ensuring a high process quality

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