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Load handling attachment

Here, we look especially at automatic storage and retrieval cranes (AS/RS) and forklift trucks. As far as AS/RS are concerned, we distinguish between simple and multiple load handling attachments and AS/RS with several load handling attachments. Multiple load handling attachments are very widespread in tote warehouses (automatic small parts warehouses). Hence, in case of a multiple-deep storage, an AS/RS is able to take up and deposit simultaneously several totes from/in one storage channel. Spinner (4-fold), Fresenius (3-fold) and Marburger Tapeten (2-fold) can be cited as example here. Beyond that, it is also possible to make accumulating runs, during which single totes (or pairs ...) being directly accessible without relocation are collected, until the load handling attachment is completely filled and the totes are made available for order picking. This way, the warehouse throughput is at its maximum. If relocations are necessary to reach totes required, relocation and order totes are picked up in one sweep and the relocation totes are put back again diagonally to the other side of the aisle. This way, the fork cycles are reduced.

Load handling attachments in a wide variety of different applications
For pallet devices, several load handling attachments are in use. Thanks to two load handling attachments accumulating runs are possible that allow realizing a high throughput even with slower devices. This also applies to Rotho and Marburger Tapeten in their high-bay warehouses. The route optimization puts together transport sequences combining the pending storage and retrieval operations in a time-related manner (transport time). At Heidenhain, one AS/RS is used which is equipped with one load handling attachment for accommodating totes which do not extend in Z-direction, but in X-direction. This way, it is possible to pick up both at the same time, means totes with excess width or also several narrow totes. The definition and configuration of the loading/storage aids indicates the corresponding properties and compatibilities.

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