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Transport units without barcode

Our software is able to manage transport and storage units even without explicit labelling. '"Without barcode" does not mean labelling with RFID or similar, which by the way is also supported completely, but a unique alphanumerical code.

Labelling transport units without barcode clearly
When a transport unit arrives, this unit will always receive a unique alphanumeric number. This number can be based on a physical identification or can be formed logically only. Upon transfer to the transport medium (conveyor technology, forklift truck) this number is moved now. The same principle is used for sub-units e.g. on mixed pallets. By data tracking of the system control it is possible to communicate this logical ID also without scanner or other reading units such that it finally arrives in the rack. Stock removals are handled equivalently. At ACVK, the pallet is scanned only when receiving the goods and then it is kept in the warehouse without using further identification technology. For verifying a logical loading unit without physical identification it is possible to use e.g. the EAN of the article or the storage location where the transport unit is located. This way, it is possible to make a conclusion about the loading unit from the contents or the environment. The same principle also applies to subdivided loading units that accommodate stocks by stating a position on the load handling attachment. The stock in a sub-compartment features a unique identification as well.

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