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Automatic shipping

Following stock removal and order picking of products it is possible to transport the goods directly to the shipping department or to ship them. A prerequisite for this is that the goods are ready packaged and labelled accordingly. Such technology is used in fully automated warehouses (Dräxlmaier, Jeld-Wen) or picking warehouses (Marburger Tapeten). In the first case, the outgoing totes on the conveyors are provided with a customer label when passing through. A handling device stacks the totes and places them on a shipping lane. The forklift driver acknowledges the loading process by taking off the stack.

Automatic shipping gives dynamics to the processes
Automatic shipping from order picking warehouses means closing and strapping or wrapping picked cardboard boxes or pallets automatically, labelling them and making them available at the place of dispatch, at the ramp or loading bay. Here, respective bridges or telescopic conveyors and a loading scanner allow direct transport into the truck. Dispatch labelling can be realized in combination with a shipping system that manages the routing data of the service providers and provides the corresponding data.

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