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What is an AGV (automated guided vehicle system)?

An AGV is a automated guided vehicle system. At Osram in Berlin, we control several automatic small parts warehouses with container conveyor technology which either are connected directly to machinery or provide the machinery with goods variably by means of AGVs. There we consider an AGV as a means of transport which is similar to a cross-transfer car. It is able to approach many points, pick up or retrieve and deliver goods. Status messages indicate the transport progress and the status of the vehicles. Hence, it is also possible to find out and identify the actual location of the transport units. Which vehicle carries out the transport and where is it actually situated - just as with our own plant control system.

AGV (automated guided vehicle system) optimizes autonomously

The AGV itself is responsible for optimizing the vehicles and the transport routes. It knows best and promptly about the actual position / location of a vehicle and the charging state of the rechargeable battery pack. The communication to the AGV is ensured via a standardized and loss-free TCP/IP interface.

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