On-Site Service - Training

On-Site Service

By opting for the on-site service, you as customer secure the highest service level for critical applications and thus ensure maximum system availability. Within the scope of a service contract at fixed costs, immediate support is asured at any time. Response times and arrival times of our technicians on site are exactly defined. Thus, you can be sure that in case of a sudden problem our immediate support is activated and the problem is solved. Within the scope of our on-call service, our Service24 team will be available 24/7, 365 days a year.  Look forward to more reliability guaranteed by competent, reliable contact persons.

Operator model

An on-site team of the Klinkhammer-Service also supports you over a longer period of time. Whether it is maintenance or assuming responsibility for the control room and system operation, you can fully focus on your core competencies. Please feel free to contact us, if you are interested in an operator model.


The best system cannot operate efficiently, if used improperly by the staff or if the staff does not know about the options the system offers. This is why training is an integral part of our Service24. Training helps to understand the contexts and to protect against damages caused by operator errors. Practically oriented training units ensure that your staff is getting familiar with the system. In workshops we inform you about the potentials and specific features. Klinkhammer always attaches great importance to intuitive usability of its software such as KlinkWARE® and KlinkVISION® to facilitate the daily work for the users. In the end, your employees are professionals, qualified for handling the complete intralogistics solution of your company. Your staff becomes acquainted with the processes and sequences and will be able to solve minor problems right away. This, as well, means more efficiency.

Training - KlinkRESCUE

Use of personal protective equipment (PPE) against falls from a height and rescue from heights and depths according to DGUV-R-112-198/199.
We train your employees on the basis of the current legal regulations on the specific requirements in your high-bay warehouse and conveyor technology. The content of the training comprises the safe handling of personal protective equipment against falling and the rescue of injured persons from the facility. Subsequent to an initial training, the annual repeat training required by the trade association can also be performed.

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