Hotline - Remote Maintenance

Welcome at the Service24 of the Klinkhammer Group. In case of a technical problem in your system, you can reach one of our qualified service technicians directly via the Service24-hotline or per mail service24[at] As a contract customer we offer you highest priority in processing your service requests, short response times in diagnosing and eliminating your malfunction as well as exactly defined arrival times to solve the problem on-site. As a non-contract customer you also have the possibility to get connected to a qualified service technician directly anytime at +49 911 93064 574, even outside our office hours. The billing takes place according to our service conditions. Details can also be obtained from the telephone announcement of the service number.

Hotline - 24/7 and IT Support

In case of a technical problem or malfunction of your system our Service24 hotline is the address to get directly in contact with one of our highly qualified service technicians, 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day. Your questions are answered promptly, diagnosis and troubleshooting occur online via remote access, if and where possible. The hotline is split into software, control technology and mechanical helpdesk. If a problem cannot be identified clearly, a central contact person is available for coordination. This way, our customers quickly find a competent contact person and a solution for their problem. We also support you with IT questions regarding the warehouse management software and offer help with the operation of masks or computer problems. The hotline service is available to contract customers and non-contract customers (+49 911 93064 574) - 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Of course, we also come directly to your site. Our service teams are active around the clock, whenever a breakdown or standstill of your system occurs. By the way, our service team consists of Klinkhammer employees only and we use no external manpower.

Remote maintenance

Numerous service activities, for which in the past an on-site stay was necessary, nowadays may be performed via remote maintenance using KlinkVISION® and the access to system control. All Klinkhammer systems are connected to the Remote Service and are monitored and supported from a central head office. Using KlinkVISION® allows the operating staff to identify irregularities. Sensors provide data on the state of the machines and systems and can be analyzed together with error messages and statistics. Based on the experiences gathered in many automated warehouses that Klinkhammer supports and services at the customers’, the integrated remote maintenance tool and an intelligent search in operating data and error messages allow gaining additional insights to quickly and reliably diagnose and eliminate faults in automated logistics systems.

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