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Materials Handling - Making Sure that Everything Runs Smoothly.

To ensure a convincing performance of a logistic solution and to work profitably, the system must be continuously maintained, refined and adapted. Our Service24 team provides a sound basis for a reliable operation with a full service throughout the whole year, plans inspections and trains your employees to ensure perfect functioning of all processes. Immediate assistance is offered by the remote maintenance using KlinkVISION®, the diagnostics and maintenance tool by Klinkhammer for fast and reliable troubleshooting.

Hotline 24/7
- IT-helpdesk
- System control
- Mechanics

Remote Maintenance
- System visualisation
- Material flow control
- Sensors + status data   

On-Site Service
- On-call service
- Mechanics, electronics, IT service
- Operator models

Preventive Maintenance, Inspection
- Preventive maintenance
- UVV safety inspections
- Machine directives, etc.

Spare Parts Supply
- Individual spare parts packages
- Spare parts management
- Order service

- Material flow control
- WMS and system visualisation

KlinkRESCUE – training, height rescue, accident prevention

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Use of personal protective equipment against falls (PPE) and rescue from heights and depths according to DGUV-R-112-198/199.

Based on the current legal regulations, we train your employees on the specific requirements in your high-bay warehouse and your conveyor technology. The training content includes the safe handling of the personal protective equipment against falls and the rescue of injured persons from the high-bay warehouse.

Operation manual: Control of the AS/RS outside the aisle

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Manual operation outside the AS/RS aisle

This is how a storage and retrieval crane in an automated high-bay warehouse is operated manually outside the aisle using a touch panel. By changing the operating mode to manual mode, the chassis (X-axis), hoist (Y-axis) and telescope (Z-axis) can be easily controlled manually and e.g. driven out of the aisle.

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