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Materials Handling - Making Sure that Everything Runs Smoothly.

To ensure a convincing performance of a logistic solution and to work profitably, the system must be continuously maintained, refined and adapted. Our Service24 team provides a sound basis for a reliable operation with a full service throughout the whole year, plans inspections and trains your employees to ensure perfect functioning of all processes. Immediate assistance is offered by the remote maintenance using KlinkVISION®, the diagnostics and maintenance tool by Klinkhammer for fast and reliable troubleshooting.

Hotline - 24/7 and IT Support

In case of a technical problem or malfunction of your system our Service24 hotline is the address to get directly in contact with one of our highly qualified service technicians, 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day. Your questions are answered promptly, diagnosis and troubleshooting occur online via remote access, if and where possible. The hotline is split into software, control technology and mechanical helpdesk. If a problem cannot be identified clearly, a central contact person is available for coordination. This way, our customers quickly find a competent contact person and a solution for their problem. The hotline service is available to contract customers and non-contract customers (+49 911 93064 574) - 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Of course, we also come directly to your site. Our service teams are active around the clock, whenever a breakdown or standstill of your system occurs. By the way, our service team consists of Klinkhammer employees only and we use no external manpower.

Remote maintenance

Numerous service activities, for which in the past an on-site stay was necessary, nowadays may be performed via remote maintenance using KlinkVISION® and the access to system control. All Klinkhammer systems are connected to the Remote Service and are monitored and supported from a central head office. Using KlinkVISION® allows the operating staff to identify irregularities. Sensors provide data on the state of the machines and systems and can be analyzed together with error messages and statistics. Based on the experiences gathered in many automated warehouses that Klinkhammer supports and services at the customers’, the integrated remote maintenance tool and an intelligent search in operating data and error messages allow gaining additional insights to quickly and reliably diagnose and eliminate faults in automated logistics systems.

On-Site Service

What’s the difference between hotline service and on-call service? By opting for the on-call service, you as customer secure – within the scope of a service contract at fixed costs - the highest service level for critical applications and thus ensure maximum system availability. Response times and arrival times of our technicians on site are exactly defined. Thus, you can be sure that in case of a sudden problem our immediate support is activated and the problem is solved. Within the scope of our on-call service, our Service24 team will be available 24/7, 365 days a year. Look forward to more reliability guaranteed by competent, reliable contact persons.

Klinkhammer Group

Preventive maintenance and inspections

Maintenance serves to maintain the value of a device and to ensure system availability. Maintenance is also an investment in the future of the system and secures the capital invested. Our Service24 keeps a very close look on respecting maintenance intervals and has its own, specific test routines. Thus, discrepancies and errors will be recognized immediately at the beginning to remedy them in good time, even before they cause real damage. The objectives are clearly defined: Maximum service life, minimum downtimes and highest safety and reliability – all these aspects are embraced by the term “maintenance”. We take care of carrying out the prescribed, internal and legally required safety tests. This way, our qualified and skilled service staff ensures that hazards are identified early and thus can be eliminated. Your benefit as customer is that you can be a 100% sure that you have complied with legal regulations.


Spare Parts Supply

For many of us the problem is all too common: You are looking for a spare part for a system or device which is around seven years old, but is still working properly. However, you cannot find it and thus have to sort it out. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to your intralogistics system, we take care of it by offering you our spare parts concept. Within the scope of our Service24, we work out a customized spare parts package that reflects exactly the needs of your system. When working out the spare parts packages, we take into account properties such as economic feasibility, optimum system availability, procurement lead times and transport times. If the required spare parts are not available on site, we procure and deliver them quickly and reliably. A sophisticated, clever spare parts management helps to have only relevant spare parts in stock. This simplifies work and is good for your budget.


The best system cannot operate efficiently, if used improperly by the staff or if the staff does not know about the options the system offers. This is why training is an integral part of our Service24. Training helps to understand the contexts and to protect against damages caused by operator errors. Practically oriented training units ensure that your staff is getting familiar with the system. In workshops we inform you about the potentials and specific features. In the end, your employees are professionals, qualified for handling the complete intralogistics solution of your company. Your staff becomes acquainted with the processes and sequences and will be able to solve minor problems right away. This, as well, means more efficiency.

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