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Major investment for e-commerce Dataform automates its fulfillment center together with Klinkhammer

Ammendorf/Nuremberg (04/2021) – Dataform dialogservices, one of the leading fulfillment and dialog marketing specialists, invests about 60 million euros in its new location and automates its intralogistics processes together with Klinkhammer.

The company operating throughout Europe has been active as full-service provider in dialog marketing and fulfillment for more than 40 years. Besides mailings and digital print, dataform also offers flexible storage capacities, professional shipping and returns management as well as logistics outsourcing. With about 250 employees, dataform produces around 120 million mailings per year and sends out about 1.2 million e-commerce packages in fulfillment.

Dataform dialogservices GmbH located in Ammerndorf near Nuremberg invests in a new fulfillment and logistics center in order to meet the needs of the fulfillment service, which has been growing continuously for years. First, the company commissioned the intralogistics specialist Klinkhammer with future-oriented logistics planning. Following the completion of planning, Klinkhammer was awarded the contract for the implementation of the new fulfillment center for e-commerce. The total investment amounts to about 60 million euros and comprises around 60,000 square meters of usable area. With the aim of doubling sales by 2025, the new location Buchschwabach with flexible logistics solutions offers ideal conditions for dynamic markets and rapid growth rates in e-commerce.

In the fulfillment and logistics center, a 3-storey shelving system with picking stations ensures flexible storage of bins and cartons. It contains 60,000 bins with a size of 600 x 400 mm in different height categories. 18 order picking stations are connected by conveyors to 14 goods receiving stations including returns management, to the automated order consolidation buffer with 1.084 bin storage locations, to 20 packing stations and to shipping. In total, 1,863 running meters of bin conveyors and 30 running meters of pallet conveyors are installed in the system. The empty bin management with stacking machine and storage for 789 bins ensures the automatic supply of bins. The parcel conveyor line leads from the ergonomically arranged packing stations to the dispatch gate and automates the loading into the truck. In addition, a forklift-operated pallet storage for about 25,000 storage locations enables fast handling of palletable goods. Due to the storage, retrieval, transport and order strategies tailored precisely to dataform, the warehouse management software and material flow control KlinkWARE ensures short throughput times and lean processes. Batches, various clients and multi-order picking are optimally controlled by KlinkWARE. A short total lead time enables regular and same-day orders to be processed in a highly efficient manner on a large scale.

In dialog marketing and fulfillment, digitization and automation are decisive competitive factors. Therefore, the adaptable layout is designed to provide options for extensions, such as work stations or robot-controlled storage systems, which can be implemented flexibly. Currently, dataform maintains three locations which will be merged in Buchschwabach in the future. The system is expected to be put into operation at the end of 2021.

Data and facts:

  • 3-storey shelving system for about 60,000 bins (600x400mm)
  • 18 order picking stations with picking trolleys
  • Total of 34 work stations
  • 1,084 bin storage locations with order consolidation buffer
  • 1,863 running meters of bin conveyors and 30 running meters of pallet conveyors with lifters
  • Forklift-operated pallet storage for about 25,000 storage locations
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