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Order received from roof tile manufacturer ERLUS

Roof tile manufacturer ERLUS strengthens its competitive position with a new pallet silo high-bay warehouse.


Nuremberg / Neufahrn (04/2022) – ERLUS AG is one of the leading manufacturers of roof tiles and chimney systems. With 570 employees and a turnover of 132.5 Mio Euros, Erlus is one of the largest in the industry in Europe. In order to strengthen its position in the industry, ERLUS relies on automated intralogistics.

For this purpose, Klinkhammer received a planning order and is now, as the general contractor, implementing the automation from goods receipt to the pallet high-bay warehouse and pallet order picking to dispatch.

Production takes place at 3 locations in Germany, with Neufahrn being one of the largest roof tile production locations in Europe. At peak times, up to 100 trucks leave the yard every day. Several roof tiles received the coveted iF Design Award, among others.

Up to now, at the location in Neufahrn, roof tiles and roof ceramic molded parts have been picked manually with forklifts onto pallets, packed and temporarily stored or directly loaded. Due to the high manual share, these processes took a lot of time and sometimes resulted in significant waiting times when loading the trucks. With the automation of the processes, ERLUS is now setting an example with regard to speed, availability and service quality.

The automated pallet high-bay warehouse is built in silo design, has a height of 30 m and has 8176 pallet storage locations. The 4-aisle high-bay warehouse is connected by pallet conveyor technology to goods receipt, outgoing goods, replenishment and the goods-to-person picking. It is constructed simple-deep in order to ensure high performance. As the products are sensitive, can break easily and have to be transported with low vibration, pallets are recorded by means of cameras to increase quality assurance in goods receipt. Products located on non-conveyable, disposable pallets are automatically transferred to Euro pallets for transport on the conveyor technology. The pallet high-bay warehouse is controlled by the warehouse management system KlinkWARE. Some industry-specific features are implemented in the software. Dimensions, weight of an item and its packing units are recorded in the warehouse management system as well as ABC classifications according to turnover frequency, stacking classes, order quantities for pallet calculation, packing specifications, retrieval sequences or special processes. With the innovative intralogistics solution, ERLUS is pioneer in its industry and one of the first to rely on automated storage and picking technology for roof ceramics. The project should be completed in the 4th quarter of 2023.

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